Heidi reappears, this time also in a full lift. She examines herself. And threatens to drip water upon her nipple. Heidi illustrates several of the Mad Professor's examples of breast flashing and tease. More of Heidi amongst Mike Hammer's gals. (Click on the thumbs to link to the scenes; click on More to circumnavigate the Hammer Ring.)

Andie makes shapes with her body. She still has her halter on--technically, and it assists her in performing a boob squeeze. From either Andie Office or Andie Shoots. Love her tattoos and her nipple rings and her smile. File is 1536 rez from The Picticon.

OK, so now Andie demonstrates how the halter string can cut into her boobs. Nipples out, Andie is wearing her black rings. From either Andie Office or Andie Shoots. Andie complements the lift with boob play, a skill advanced from simply pulling the halter off overhead. File is a 1536 rez from The Picticon.

Andie Robins demonstrates how a halter can also ride up the tits. This can happen accidentally, obviously, or however Andie is doing it. From either Andie Office or Andie Shoots. The flashing of breast is one of the elemental progressions of the striptease, and ergo, symbiotically, of the admirer. You can find more in Bikini Science as well as The Picticon. File is a 1536 rez.

The Mad Professor remembers that many years ago he actually prepared a Cross Reference Table of the various doff and don methods for the bra, halter, and bandeau. The flashing of breast, be it one boob or two, is inself a complex action. And worth discussing before we move on to actually removing the top. Heidi again in the backyard, and a push-apart from the middle, moving both cups to the sides. See more of Heidi scattered among the Mike Hammer Gals in the Picticon.

The Mad Professor doesn't always know what's he's doing but it appears to have to do with the mechanics of striptease--both its performance and its direction. How it is modeled and shot. For both lead and learn from each other. And so here the halter enables the boobs to be brought into tease, be they begged for, flashed, or pro-offered. Heidi is about in the Picticon, scattered amongst the Mike Hammer Gals.

For the next few blogs the Mad Professor turns his attention to the removal of the top and the display of the breasts. And what better way to start than with Devilyn? She doesn't know who is in the room, and with her hands cuffed up above her head, won't be stopping whatever pleasures one might have in store for her. Devilyn is another of Mysterio_Graphics's Detroit Noire Babes: not many clothes and lot of tattoos.You have to hunt about, but you will find Devilyn naked in the bathroom. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels tall and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

"New Dubya" is tech talk with the Mad Professor about structures that the Picticon contains. Picticon is about cross-referencing information--in the Picticon case data about sexuality and sexual practices. Our mission is information sharing, entertainment, arousal. The Mad Professor presents a new category: sex machines...and the gals who ride them. Actually the Mad Professor's exodus into sex machines is prompted by material at hand, in this case a small collection by Paradise Webmaster via the Slaughter. More coming here, also by other lensers. As for this gal, getting ready to ride, note the bikini superb , the nipple rings, button art, and the tan lines.

Cherri is the blonde, Marley the brunette, and both these gals are on day leave from Palomino Club in Atlanta, out for a day that gets increasingly frisky and fetish. The Mad Professor trails along. Mike Hammer might start with Polaroids in the strip club, but by the time he's done he driven to a lake, dressed Cherri Poppin' and Marley Murphy in fetishwear, and put them to work. You'll have to visit the Picticon to see how this ends up--or have been there before the cops chased them out.

When strippers turn thirty you know they really are professionals, and if you're Mike Hammer, off shooting strip contests and you come across Anita Cannibal, you know what to do: find a couch backstage and shoot all stuff you're not allowed to on stage, and wait and see who else wants to pose. It's not like this is a private performance. Mike Hammer is just one of many shooters whose life works has ended up in the Picticon--20,000 plus pix and vids--and another 20,000 that the Mad Professor struggles to keep releasing in the ever-expanding Picticon.