This time, we are joined by Gretchen of Majestic Fetish, the same people who presented to us Slave Heidi. Gretchen is no slave, however. She's a leather-attired, proud dominatrix, who will share her proud body with us one-on-one in this leather and cape shoot, in a pitch-black room with a spotlight shining on her. The razor-sharp contrast of the spotlight does wonders, as Gretchen gradually removes her leather accouterments and takes many increasingly more submissive poses for us. For an additional dose of variety, considering how well Gretchen models with a cigarette holder, did you know that the Picticon has an entire section devoted to smoking erotica?

Behold Gabriella, one of David Slaughter's girls. She's quite experienced, but above all, she knows and loves her body. These traits make the best models: uninhibited, sensual, devoid of performance anxiety. Seeing is believing; one need only take a look at how delightfully she writhes in a fishnet bodystocking atop a sort of Druidic stone dais, as if she's presenting her body to summon (or appease) a demon. Whatever kind of demons or serpents this beauty must be trying to rouse, it can certainly be argued that she's going to succeed at it. It wasn't easy to find an image with her legs closed, which rather says something! Via the Picticon.

How's this for rarity: vintage 90s group femdom of group femsubs. Double mistresses interview three pony girls! Note that remarkable ambience: this is a scene clearly from before the age of serious modern BDSM! Behold the neoclassical statue in the background, and the ornate thrones that the mistresses are seated on. Austere columns with cloth drapery positively scream 1970s dreamscape. We encourage you to see more of these rare gems in the Ropes and Chains Club section of our Picticon. That's the club which produced the above scene. Such content is unique in its own right!

The recent posts of fair-skinned girls may be giving our esteemed readers a skewed picture of the Picticon. We have everything, certainly content of dark-skinned talent. Take a look at Pole Dancer Chichi, shot by Mike Hammer in a prop-rich environment. Chichi is a professional stripper, and a product of the wilder side of society. This girl can be found in the Mike Hammer Hose and Dildo Whores collection, but that's not all to it--Chichi displays her inclinations toward bondage, too. You may wish to see Slave Cocoa too while you're browsing: that one is a submissive with an attitude. Enjoy.

Once again we revisit the Suave collection--this time, Japanese Fetish Elegance, a small section of it. This is remarkably eye-catching work, for both its quality and the 1990s period-evocative unmistakably Japanese style. This is Noriko Hamada. She has acted in a few movies, and this image does justice to her natural coolness and beauty. From our set of her, Noriko Hamada Open Fetish, where you may see quite a number of other beautiful shots that likewise do her justice. Devoid of lewdness, Noriko is the stuff of dreams. I trust you agree. All of this can be found at the Picticon.