Click on Boxin and see how horny a workout gets this athletic darkskin beauty.Visit the Picticon, and see many glamour shoots from the 1980 and the fine eye of Anthony Coviello

Today, we touch upon a very powerful kink: primal warrior girls. This one, a nameless Latina beauty from the Majestic collection, is a magnificently toned ectomorph with perfect slim breasts. Covering her in oil completes the ensemble, accentuating her perfect skin. It's easy to imagine a story to go with these images. She's on a sandy loam with lush vegetation. She's nude, but about her waist and done-up hair there are shawls... Possibly expensive-looking shawls that might have been worn by an urban businesswoman. In one hand, she clutches a Bowie knife. In the other, a baby crocodile. Can we infer that our survivor girl came from an airplane wreck, landing in the Amazon? Oh my. Via the Picticon.

Well here's a sight for sore eyes: Sandy, a Philadelphia specimen, roped in by Lex Limited, a photographer with a knack for finding interesting urban talent. Sandy has assumed a pose in this photo that's often practiced on by art students. It's a beautiful form, and it clearly doesn't get enough love, due to its apparent rarity. It flatters her thighs and ass marvelously, and she's certainly got shape in those departments. This view also affords us an appreciation of her healthy, supple skin: from such a sharp angle, every blemish and imperfection would be magnified tenfold. Courtesy of the Picticon.

The recent posts of fair-skinned girls may be giving our esteemed readers a skewed picture of the Picticon. We have everything, certainly content of dark-skinned talent. Take a look at Pole Dancer Chichi, shot by Mike Hammer in a prop-rich environment. Chichi is a professional stripper, and a product of the wilder side of society. This girl can be found in the Mike Hammer Hose and Dildo Whores collection, but that's not all to it--Chichi displays her inclinations toward bondage, too. You may wish to see Slave Cocoa too while you're browsing: that one is a submissive with an attitude. Enjoy.