Behold Gabriella, one of David Slaughter's girls. She's quite experienced, but above all, she knows and loves her body. These traits make the best models: uninhibited, sensual, devoid of performance anxiety. Seeing is believing; one need only take a look at how delightfully she writhes in a fishnet bodystocking atop a sort of Druidic stone dais, as if she's presenting her body to summon (or appease) a demon. Whatever kind of demons or serpents this beauty must be trying to rouse, it can certainly be argued that she's going to succeed at it. It wasn't easy to find an image with her legs closed, which rather says something! Via the Picticon.

We don't often get bald girls at the Picticon (though that's a relative statement: we have an entire "bald" category), but when we do, they are invariably knockouts like Slave Heidi. This extreme submissive isn't just shaven - she's waxed. No body hair anywhere, either: the (absent) carpet matches the (absent) drapes, in this case. Heidi walks around a large rooftop wearing only hose and heels; surrounded by graffiti, this is not the nicest part of town. Who might drop in on her? This photo set is part of our Majestic Fetish collection, specifically the "Bare, Bald, and Snake" series of sets.

Throughout the entire photo set, the beautiful Page wears only stockings, heels, and a blindfold. Due to the blindfold, and the serene compliance of the model, there's a strangely evocative image in Page Handbound Progression: she's posed and restrained for us, but she's simply not there. She is periodically captured smiling, as in the image below. This degree of elegance is what can be seen in our Premier Assets collection at the Picticon.

The recent posts of fair-skinned girls may be giving our esteemed readers a skewed picture of the Picticon. We have everything, certainly content of dark-skinned talent. Take a look at Pole Dancer Chichi, shot by Mike Hammer in a prop-rich environment. Chichi is a professional stripper, and a product of the wilder side of society. This girl can be found in the Mike Hammer Hose and Dildo Whores collection, but that's not all to it--Chichi displays her inclinations toward bondage, too. You may wish to see Slave Cocoa too while you're browsing: that one is a submissive with an attitude. Enjoy.

The Winnebago Man wouldn't be such a spaz if he had this beauty to distract him, that's for certain. Pictured here is Kristina from David Slaughter's Hose and Foot Girls, and she clearly belongs in that collection! Her amazingly well-proportioned body and striking attire makes the back of this RV seem like the back of a multi-millionaire's motor yacht. The warmth of the Vegas sunset does her justice, accentuating the warm colors of her skin, hair, and bodystocking. She really knows how to strike a feminine pose. Overall, it's a darling set, shot very well. Don't take my word for it, see Kristina Red Hose and See-through Outside for yourselves! Part of the David Slaughter collections at the Picticon. We have all his work.

Another treat from the fascinating Tanaka bondage collection is before you. Simple, yet remarkably evocative. They call these girls OLs in Japan, "office ladies"--they are the female equivalent of the "riman," short bastardization of "salaryman," a caste unto themselves. Japan is a strange, regimented society, mired in tradition yet adapted to modern ages. This one is a hallmark from the Tanaka Bondage and Cum collection. Dressed in a pinstripe business suit and hose evocative of the now-romantic 1990s, Yumeka Takami is brought to an austere concrete slab-walled chamber, gradually stripped, bound and spread, played with by a suited man. Is he her boss, or a yakuza? The boundary between them is blurred, is it not? Perhaps it doesn't even matter. We have the entire collection at the Picticon.

Take a look at Aria Giovanni in the Picticon--she's got two scenes in the David Slaughter Glamour section, both shot at the beginning of her career when she is just 22 years old. In this scene the future porn star takes off her hose and lays her lips in the open, and in the other, she rips open her pantyhose so she can toy her twat with a vibrating penis dildo. Visit the Picticon for treasures old and new. Join the Picticon or contact Edge Interactive Publishing for hundreds of David Slaughter Teen Virgins, Bondage Babes, and Fucking Machine gals. And with more to come!

Fetish is one of the strengths of the Picticon, and Lena Rips Her Hose Off is but one of one of many David Slaughter Hose Girls who demonstrate many ways to take hose off...and what to do once those parts of the body are...what is the right word here...exposed? Available? In production? What separates David from many other photographers is not just the quality of the picture and the glamour of the model, but the variation of theme. Hose correlate with feet, with lingerie, with garters. Pantyhose can be rolled down or ripped out. This are really glamorous gals who are really naughty.