We don't often get bald girls at the Picticon (though that's a relative statement: we have an entire "bald" category), but when we do, they are invariably knockouts like Slave Heidi. This extreme submissive isn't just shaven - she's waxed. No body hair anywhere, either: the (absent) carpet matches the (absent) drapes, in this case. Heidi walks around a large rooftop wearing only hose and heels; surrounded by graffiti, this is not the nicest part of town. Who might drop in on her? This photo set is part of our Majestic Fetish collection, specifically the "Bare, Bald, and Snake" series of sets.

For the next few blogs the Mad Professor turns his attention to the removal of the top and the display of the breasts. And what better way to start than with Devilyn? She doesn't know who is in the room, and with her hands cuffed up above her head, won't be stopping whatever pleasures one might have in store for her. Devilyn is another of Mysterio_Graphics's Detroit Noire Babes: not many clothes and lot of tattoos.You have to hunt about, but you will find Devilyn naked in the bathroom. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels tall and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

Topless babes can't get more frisky than Sasha. If Sasha pushes her panties down any lower they will be off. Sasha is another of Sean Graham's Detroit Noire Babes: big tits, big body, and piercings in the nips and lots of tattoos. And Sasha's a bit grimy too, from crawling all over the garage. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels wide and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

Temptrix, a young noire type from Detroit, demonstrates how to wiggle the panties down the ass.The Mad Professor emerges from his cave to present Temptrix along with another four Detroit goth types from the camera of Sean Graham, and exclusive to the Picticon. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels wide.

Cherri is the blonde, Marley the brunette, and both these gals are on day leave from Palomino Club in Atlanta, out for a day that gets increasingly frisky and fetish. The Mad Professor trails along. Mike Hammer might start with Polaroids in the strip club, but by the time he's done he driven to a lake, dressed Cherri Poppin' and Marley Murphy in fetishwear, and put them to work. You'll have to visit the Picticon to see how this ends up--or have been there before the cops chased them out.

Picticon is about fetish, and few do it better than Jamison, watching herself exhale smoke in the mirror. Nice nipple rings too, and if you click to the set you can discover the full complement of steel and tattoos that this short-haired San Francisco 20-year-old wild thing has already accumulated. Charles Gatewood, the godfather of American fetish photography, has collected Jamison at various points in her life and with various accouterments of piercings and pussy hair. Start with the link here. Drill down to see individual scenes; click MORE to ring around through all the Gatewood collections.

Performance artist and rock musician Kembra Pfahler is one of the glam-cult celebrities featured among Kim Fielding's documentation of New York's Club Scene during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Multiple performances of the Karen Black band and its performers, including Kembra and Samoa, are found linking off this page. The Mad Professor is following the debate about "free." This 1800 resolution picture is free, but what makes the Picticon valuable is not simply its 250,000 images, but the 7500 pages which organize and detail them. Help support the Picticon and make it grow.

The Kim Fielding pictures include documentation of bands like Thrust (featuring Kelly Webb shown here and others) and candid shots of New York's nightlife during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Visit the Paladium, the Limelight, CBGBs. the Continental, on St.Mark's Place, the Red Zone, Tattoo Love Child, Club X, La Mama, The Kitchen, Cinebar. It's all very sexy. The Mad Professor sometimes wonders why he feels compelled to bring a collection so obviously not hardcore to the surfers of the Picticon. Because it's not all about hardcore, that's why. It's about tease, voyeurism, fashion, performance. The list goes on.

In a shift of gears the Mad Professor turns again to the collections of Kim Fielding, of "Private Parts in Public Places" fame. His Madness continues a marathon effort to redeploy the late 1990s classic CD into the Picticon. Fielding photographed New York's Lower East Side during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and his portraits on the street, inside nightclubs, and of club kids poised in his studio, and boyfriends and girlfriends caught akimbo are priceless. "You can't get there from here," is how one critic put it, and another, "you have to do the hoofing to collect the work." The Mad Professor is interested not in mindless repetition; he seeks the interesting, the different, the moment. Ami is a Fielding discovery, but this Clit Club dancer makes many appearances in the Picticon.

You'll find both Liz (the buxom gal on the left and Masayo (the oriental gal on the right) in other of Kim Fielding's shoots...and Liz in some heavy-duty bondage by Fantasmo. SexFo isn't just about the moment, it's about looking through windows across time and space. Many years ago the Mad Professor produced a CD-ROM of the work of Kim Fielding, "Private Parts in Public Places," documenting the frenetic late 1980s and early 1990s on New York's Lower East Side. Club kids, street life, girl bands, and teasy photoshoots of girls and guys. These sets are now being brought to life once again in the Picticon.