If you liked Andie Land, you'll love Donna O'Leary. She's another find by Fantasmo in the multiple meanings of that term. This girl is no less wild, and loves what she is. This particular shoot has her being toyed with in a bathtub, cuffed at two points: her wrists, and one of her ankles. It would do well to describe this photo shoot as "abductor POV". Donna is clearly having fun, though. That's the kind of girl she is. See more of Fantasmo's work at The Picticon.

This cool customer has come over to the studio looking for work and willingly pulls up her shirt to show off her tits. If you look carefully you can see the elastic marks from Donna's bra. Tits are the not only thing that Donna shows off during her Audition, but Flashing Tits is a major Picticon category. Donna O'Leary is one of Fantasmo's favorite models, and her multiple shoots are gathered together at Donna O'Leary Sex Slave, aptly titled because when she isn't having sex or exposing herself she is seriously tied up. Click on the image to make Donna bigger.

The Mad Professor always likes to explore the edge of the envelope, be it with bikinis or sex. Today a lovely Thailand brunette named Panda visits to model some extreme bikinis. Panda is just one of the Fantasmo Microkini Collection; check out the backpiece on Janella or the slit on Lavender Rayne! Click on the image to bring up the highest resolution, and go to the Picticon for in-depth coverage.

Capeta illustrates perfectly the concept of downblouse; she never wears a bra and if folks in the coffee shop look she likes it. You might wonder if Capital might show you more on her scene page? Downblouse, nipple peaks, nippage, titflash...these are some of the many ways of Flashing Tits, one of the Picticon Dubyas. Someday the Mad Professor will invite the community to go wild and subdivide this topic in the entire Picticon, Wikipedia-style, but until then click Capeta's nipple bigger...and wonder why she shows off all the rest.

Today we'd like to tell you about a darling young nutcase named Gia. Gia is shot by our very own Fantasmo, and she's a proper delinquent. Her day job is that of a vocalist for a rock band of the screamo variety, and she's committed (in multiple senses of the word) enough to get its name tattooed on her chest. Gia is a reluctant submissive and the Gia Cuffed and Sucks Dildo with Honey scene has her snarling face forced onto a pink dildo, in wrist and ankle cuffs, on a publicly visible suburban veranda. No hiding for Gia. Her 2500+ pictures and videos is far from the only model that Fantasmo has shot for the Picticon. Enjoy.

Heidi reappears, this time also in a full lift. She examines herself. And threatens to drip water upon her nipple. Heidi illustrates several of the Mad Professor's examples of breast flashing and tease. More of Heidi amongst Mike Hammer's gals. (Click on the thumbs to link to the scenes; click on More to circumnavigate the Hammer Ring.)

Say hello to Austin, one of Dave Slaughter's elite cadre of Sybian Gals. Austin is 20, hails from California, and has a long barbell piercing in her clithood. That just makes the vibration more intense. There is something compelling about watching a gal strip down and climb aboard a Sybian, because you never know what might happen. Some of them go right over the top, some start laughing, and some are ejected as if subject to an electrical shock. There are a lot of Sybians and Fucking Machines in the Picticon. And more of Austin too, if you care to search her out (she's worth it).

The Mad Professor invites you to visit the Picticon New January 2010 page. His Madness is prone to falling in love with sluts old and new, and this month he trolled through a vast holding of Max Candy material and expanded the ring to four dubyas. The single image here of Kitty is one of several voyeur sets that capture her in the bed and bathroom. What we like about Max Candy is his sassy nature. These and other Voyeur Views capture girlfriends and models in their most vulnerable state--changing clothes, taking a bath or shower, or playing with themselves in the privacy of their apartments. Except that no girl is safe when Max is around.

The Mad Professor is in a perpetual hunt for those "special moments." And what makes this picture special? You need to ask? The lipstick? The sprawled out posture? The open mouth? The Jaccuzi and the water jet? It's a frame from Trinity Bathtub. Trinity is one of Mickey's Amateur Gals. They all do the workout, and Trinity distinguishes herself. The routine does vary a bit from model to model, photographer to photographer, and year to year. You can see this in the Picticon. Some every so often something brings the routine to life: the joy of the model, the setting and mood, and here, the physics.

The Mad Professor has been off for a few days, working in his capacity as the Bikini Scientist. He has been off on a Topless Beach, one of the locations, or venues, that he inhabits here. In the Picticon one of the locations is Beaches, one on of the collections is Wildlife; but but you have to hunt topless amongst the bikinied and nude. The Mad Professor understands that "Contact is King," a slogan he learned thanks to the fine Mme. Trilby. What he needs is a place to blog where comments can be posted. And he will work on this. In between working on nipple rings and Grace Moore (about more another time).