This bikini picture of Sheree Bessire captures her at the beginning of her career, when the 20 year old was still dancing and modeling pinups and nudes. In 1954 Bessire changed her named to Sheree North, signed with 20th Century Fox and made a series of Hollywood pictures. From "Is 'She' a Showgal?," Frolic, April 1952. Visit the Picticon, and see many glamour shoots from every decade.

You gotta love the pursed lips of this Harrison Marks bikini pinup gal from 1959. Sandra North's halter has full fabric behind the neck but string around the torso. The bottoms bare the belly button and Ms. North threatens to push them even lower. But that is the direction they are headed anyway, isn't it. This image is but one of many scene from our Vintage 1950s Collections found in the Picticon, ranging from pinups to nudes. This from is harvested from Pinup 10, an English publication, and is one of many images from our Mark Gabor Collection.

Click on Boxin and see how horny a workout gets this athletic darkskin beauty.Visit the Picticon, and see many glamour shoots from the 1980 and the fine eye of Anthony Coviello

That's a pretty small bikini that porn star Trisha Uptown is wearing out by the pool at this 2007 Internext adult webmasters' conference, and the guy in the background isn't making any bones about what happens at places like this. Trisha has her own website, and is known in the industry for looking really young (she's 29 in this photo) but being wise beyond her years. You should see her without her top on! Or without anything, even better. Family values never had it so good. Photographed by Fantasmo. Lots more of her in the LM Collection on the Picticon.

Today we have a throwback for you: Swimsuit Gals and Guys from the Early 1990s. Picture, if you will, that idyllic age--the youth of Generation X, the rise of personal computers, elegant and brand-new E34 BMWs and W126 Mercedes. Post-Soviet, post-OPEC crisis, post-Desert Storm Pax Americana. Clerks, Bill and Ted, Saturday morning 80s cartoons.... Somehow that age seems cleaner, calmer, brighter. Even the grunge of society didn't look as bad. Picture Carlito's Run or the inner-city hoods from Michael Jackson's Beat It. Naturally this would also be a time noted by hardbodies (as an eponymous contemporary film called them) on the beaches, like the beauty you see above. That image could well be a movie still, don't you think? A number of other sets from the decade can be seen in the Vintage 90s Glamour and Nudes category of the Picticon.

You gotta love Capeta. It's not her first appearance in the blog--last time she was leaning over and you could look down her blouse and see her tit--and today she is dressed in a red tube top and a white bikini brief that fails to cover her pussy hair very much. What happens afterward? Well. You can see a lot more at Capeta Red and White Cock Teaser. Hairy bodies and hairy armpits are just two of the many Picticon categories, and Capeta qualifies for both. You will find more of her in Fantasmo The Art of Revelation, including every last intimate detail.

The Mad Professor always likes to explore the edge of the envelope, be it with bikinis or sex. Today a lovely Thailand brunette named Panda visits to model some extreme bikinis. Panda is just one of the Fantasmo Microkini Collection; check out the backpiece on Janella or the slit on Lavender Rayne! Click on the image to bring up the highest resolution, and go to the Picticon for in-depth coverage.

The Mad Professor's roving eye is caught by an Italian beauty believed to be from the 1960s. The bikini is worn so low that this model must shave...or is there a tiny bit of hair leaking out? The straps dangle prevocatively, and back strap also appears unfastened. Either can lead. Dynel hair and harlequin eye-liner is a dead give-away for the late 1960s. Check out the Picticon, where you will always find an erotic edge...and the Mad Professor ranting about the order of Striptease.

Heidi reappears, this time also in a full lift. She examines herself. And threatens to drip water upon her nipple. Heidi illustrates several of the Mad Professor's examples of breast flashing and tease. More of Heidi amongst Mike Hammer's gals. (Click on the thumbs to link to the scenes; click on More to circumnavigate the Hammer Ring.)

Andie makes shapes with her body. She still has her halter on--technically, and it assists her in performing a boob squeeze. From either Andie Office or Andie Shoots. Love her tattoos and her nipple rings and her smile. File is 1536 rez from The Picticon.