Feast your eyes on Chaos. Easily one of the more remarkable alternative girls to ever grace our studio, she's a brilliant and talented girl. Chaos does it all--from light-hearted candid shoots like Chaos Sunlight Body Nudes and Positions, to harder grades of BDSM. What's more remarkable about her is that she's exclusive to us. Cast and shot by our very own Fantasmo, she's a marvelous find. With a body good enough for the top of the alt-porn food chain, and her age belying her experience, this dignified urban fox can't be found anywhere else but the Picticon.

If you are one of the great many Americans who are lucky enough to live in a boating coastal area, perhaps you have been doubly lucky to visit one of these. From our candid photo collections, take a look at this Party on the Dock and Boat. It wouldn't have made the cut to the Picticon unless it had daring metropolitan girls in it! This set depicts an afterparty at Internext 2005-2006 in Florida, and we've got a lot of coverage from these adult expos. Take a look.

Presented before you is a character the likes of which you'd never see on mainstream alt-porn venues. Andie Robin is a one-hundred-percent awesome inked and pierced skank, knows it, and loves it. One need only take a quick look at Andie Land in the Picticon to glean this fact. She is right up there with another one of our darlings, Gia. In this image where she plays doctor, we can clearly see her uncommon surface piercings--chest and throat (!). We also can see her peculiar choice of tattoos, as well as the oh-so-curious tourniquet she's taken the liberty of tying around her arm. On a related note, take a look at our Medical category. In a way, Andie might remind some of those bizarre eye-opener bimbo characters from the underground comix of Robert Crumb. She's got the body and the personality to go with it--her tats and piercings are a bit advanced for the 1970s, however! This girl clearly enjoys herself, and that's exactly what we like to see.

No nonsense in this look! Cupcakes is one of the Mysterio Graphics Alt Porn babes and you can see all of her there, including her full bush and underarm hair. No nonsense in this look! Cupcakes is one of the Mysterio Graphics Alt Porn babes and you can see all of her there, including her full bush and underarm hair.

Andie makes shapes with her body. She still has her halter on--technically, and it assists her in performing a boob squeeze. From either Andie Office or Andie Shoots. Love her tattoos and her nipple rings and her smile. File is 1536 rez from The Picticon.

OK, so now Andie demonstrates how the halter string can cut into her boobs. Nipples out, Andie is wearing her black rings. From either Andie Office or Andie Shoots. Andie complements the lift with boob play, a skill advanced from simply pulling the halter off overhead. File is a 1536 rez from The Picticon.

Sometimes before one removes a bra one wants to see what is inside. Take a look at Chaos. Ah, nipple rings. And one shoulder strap already on its way off. The Mad Professor continues his exploration of the many ways to undress a model. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels tall and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

Topless babes can't get more frisky than Sasha. If Sasha pushes her panties down any lower they will be off. Sasha is another of Sean Graham's Detroit Noire Babes: big tits, big body, and piercings in the nips and lots of tattoos. And Sasha's a bit grimy too, from crawling all over the garage. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels wide and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

"New Dubya" is tech talk with the Mad Professor about structures that the Picticon contains. Picticon is about cross-referencing information--in the Picticon case data about sexuality and sexual practices. Our mission is information sharing, entertainment, arousal. The Mad Professor presents a new category: sex machines...and the gals who ride them. Actually the Mad Professor's exodus into sex machines is prompted by material at hand, in this case a small collection by Paradise Webmaster via the Slaughter. More coming here, also by other lensers. As for this gal, getting ready to ride, note the bikini superb , the nipple rings, button art, and the tan lines.

Andie works in the office at the Picticon--but her contract states that she work naked, and under video surveillance. So these primo shots of her big breasts and pierced nipples are from her Office Candids. She's quite proud to be "the office slut." She's also quite a party girl, massage therapist, and whenever the opportunity presents, a bondage model. The Mad Professor takes delight in bringing not just straight-ahead sexology in the Picticon, but also lifestyle sex and journeys into the underground. Andie isn't the only gal in the Picticon whose every intimate moment is covered in depth, but she is one of the most personable.