This powerful-looking blonde is aptly nicknamed Butch. Standing in front of a curtain, she doffs her little black party dress, revealing nothing (and everything) underneath. Quite a prominent pearl necklace she has on, too. One can't help but wonder how she would counterattack in bed. Butch is yet another girl in the ST Productions collection on the Picticon, and we've got multiple sets of her. She mostly wears lingerie, but wouldn't she look terrific in a military uniform?

We've had quite a few ectomorphic girls in our series recently, so let's mix it up with a well-endowed one from Burma. This honey is even nicknamed Burme, and she's got some interesting tattoos from faraway lands, before ending up in Boston. Of note is the scorpion tattoo, with some writing in kana. Has this girl worked in Japan? Her obvious eye-catcher is her large rack, replete with wide areolas. Quite a find in the ST Productions collections. Natural tits like these are rare! Just goes to show the variety of content we have in the Picticon!

A nameless Christina is putting on makeup, in a twilit room, backlit through a mirror by a setting metropolitan sun. These Bedroom Candids were shot in 1999, and have a wistful feel about them, like something out of one's own past. These few images are from our Miriam Motique collection. She was an indie photographer at the turn of the century, and also performed as an alternative model. We possess photo shoots of her too at the Picticon.

The Mad Professor always loves any girl who will pull her shirt up for him, like Kristal Cute Gyno Girl here, one of Mickey's Spread Dildo Girls. Mickey's girls don't stop at pulling their shirts off, they all get naked and most of them pleasure themselves with toys. There are four sections of Mickey's Girls, and so far there are almost 300 different scenes with over one hundred different gals. All young, fresh, midwestern types, not usually your stripper types but genuine girls-next-door who all have a smile and a willingness to please. Check 'em out in the Picticon!

This time, courtesy of our team of time-traveling archeologist pornophiles, the Picticon has for you a blast from the past of the most fascinating variety. The Mad Professor and his team of researchers have unearthed a fine piece of Bill Dasher's material, from a time when there was still an Iron Curtain across Europe, and a bald guy in charge of the mess was sacking numerous high-ranking brasshats after Mathias_Rust, a German fellow landed a small plane right at the bald guy's doorstep. We see a mysterious femme who looks out of place and time, enduring hot wax in a tight breast bind. For her name, we have a singular pseudonym: Jinsu. With that name, with her style, with the Japanese poster advertising a 1988 freakshow, and with the remarkable nonchalant composure reminiscent of an experienced geisha at an oyabun's mercy, one cannot help but be overcome by the entire composition and wonder about her. Just who is she? What became of her after all these years? And just how painful is the hot wax?

The removal of the bra can follow many sequences. Here a hand reaches into the frame and unfastens it. Two hooks. Chaos just keeps driving the boat. There are many scenes in two days of Chaos Submissive Training in which Chaos explores her BDSM instincts. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels tall and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

The final touch of doffing panties is to take them off. And what better place is the backyard, possibly with all the neighbors watching. Sindar is another of Mysterio_Graphics's Detroit Noire Babes: big tits, big body, and sassy tattoos. Sindar does a striptease, she gets tied up, and yes she shows her stuff after she gets naked in the backyard. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels wide and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

Topless babes can't get more frisky than Sasha. If Sasha pushes her panties down any lower they will be off. Sasha is another of Sean Graham's Detroit Noire Babes: big tits, big body, and piercings in the nips and lots of tattoos. And Sasha's a bit grimy too, from crawling all over the garage. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels wide and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

You have to remember that the Mad Professor is a hunter. A collector of art and ideas. And today? Altporn. Alt-porn. Alt porn. How does one spell it? The fusion of the body art movement and pornos, the sensual and the sexual. Joanna Angel of Burning Angel represents the genre both at its superior instinct for aesthetic presentation and hardcore. Wikipedia credits her as an American entrepreneur, altporn model, hardcore pornographic actress, director, writer, and former stripper and exotic dancer. The Mad Professor doesn't want to step too far into a debate such as this, quoted from Wikipedia, "Many members of the alt porn community disagree on the definition of alt porn. Some consider it mostly an aesthetic quality while others see it as having a more ideological definition. This includes controversies over whether alt porn sites and videos should restrict themselves to softcore pin-up photography or include more sexually explicit hardcore content, whether alt porn need be explicitly feminist or not, and whether alt porn venues should present models of all genders and a range of body types rather than just conventionally attractive young women." Certainly the Mad Professor is interested in all of this, and one will find in the Picticon, hopefully, content both narrow and mixed. This image is taken at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2007, courtesy drivenbyboredom, flickr.com and used by permission of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 2.0 Generic License.

The Mad Professor invites you to visit the Picticon New January 2010 page. His Madness is prone to falling in love with sluts old and new, and this month he trolled through a vast holding of Max Candy material and expanded the ring to four dubyas. The single image here of Kitty is one of several voyeur sets that capture her in the bed and bathroom. What we like about Max Candy is his sassy nature. These and other Voyeur Views capture girlfriends and models in their most vulnerable state--changing clothes, taking a bath or shower, or playing with themselves in the privacy of their apartments. Except that no girl is safe when Max is around.