This bikini picture of Sheree Bessire captures her at the beginning of her career, when the 20 year old was still dancing and modeling pinups and nudes. In 1954 Bessire changed her named to Sheree North, signed with 20th Century Fox and made a series of Hollywood pictures. From "Is 'She' a Showgal?," Frolic, April 1952. Visit the Picticon, and see many glamour shoots from every decade.

Today we'd like to tell you about a darling young nutcase named Gia. Gia is shot by our very own Fantasmo, and she's a proper delinquent. Her day job is that of a vocalist for a rock band of the screamo variety, and she's committed (in multiple senses of the word) enough to get its name tattooed on her chest. Gia is a reluctant submissive and the Gia Cuffed and Sucks Dildo with Honey scene has her snarling face forced onto a pink dildo, in wrist and ankle cuffs, on a publicly visible suburban veranda. No hiding for Gia. Her 2500+ pictures and videos is far from the only model that Fantasmo has shot for the Picticon. Enjoy.

Last time the Mad Professor shared a Polaroid from backstage, now he travels out front to another place you're not allowed to take a camera--a back woods joint in North Carolina where Calypso is allowed to shuck off her top but has to keep her suspender g-string on. But that doesn't stop her from spreading her legs and letting the guys stuff the tips in her garter. Like Raine, Calypso is another Mike Hammer Stripper who will follow him back in the motel room for a photoshoot that isn't limited by the North Carolina liquor authority. Find this kind of stuff in the Picticon.

Fetish is one of the strengths of the Picticon, and Lena Rips Her Hose Off is but one of one of many David Slaughter Hose Girls who demonstrate many ways to take hose off...and what to do once those parts of the body are...what is the right word here...exposed? Available? In production? What separates David from many other photographers is not just the quality of the picture and the glamour of the model, but the variation of theme. Hose correlate with feet, with lingerie, with garters. Pantyhose can be rolled down or ripped out. This are really glamorous gals who are really naughty.

In a shift of gears the Mad Professor turns again to the collections of Kim Fielding, of "Private Parts in Public Places" fame. His Madness continues a marathon effort to redeploy the late 1990s classic CD into the Picticon. Fielding photographed New York's Lower East Side during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and his portraits on the street, inside nightclubs, and of club kids poised in his studio, and boyfriends and girlfriends caught akimbo are priceless. "You can't get there from here," is how one critic put it, and another, "you have to do the hoofing to collect the work." The Mad Professor is interested not in mindless repetition; he seeks the interesting, the different, the moment. Ami is a Fielding discovery, but this Clit Club dancer makes many appearances in the Picticon.