The Mad Professor's roving eye is caught by an Italian beauty believed to be from the 1960s. The bikini is worn so low that this model must shave...or is there a tiny bit of hair leaking out? The straps dangle prevocatively, and back strap also appears unfastened. Either can lead. Dynel hair and harlequin eye-liner is a dead give-away for the late 1960s. Check out the Picticon, where you will always find an erotic edge...and the Mad Professor ranting about the order of Striptease.

The Mad Professor continues his analysis of the mechanics of bra removal and its role in pinup literature. You need to know this? Well, consider Galka Bra and Hose Queen, one of Ace's Big Tit Girls in the Picticon! Right. Here she is, tucking her fingers into the top of her bra, feeling her nipples perhaps, as a precursor, perhaps to bra removal. Seduction is carefully staged. Does the bra actually come off? Does 19 year-old Galka get naked? Can you find the answers in the Picticon? Sure.

Say hello to April--a 21 year-old college gal from Illinois who came over to shoot and ends up in Mikey's Gyno Girls collection. Good smile, big boobs, and yes, she does get naked. But the reason April visits the Picticon today is because right at the moment she is demonstrating how to take off her bra by working her straps off her shoulder and down her arms. Very particular, the Mad Professor. Will she work the straps off her arms, or pop the hooks in the back?

The Mad Professor is a connoisseur of the tease. And nowhere does the tease get better in the Picticon, because the picticon traverses a terrain that ranges from the sexy gal walking down the street to the most hard-core and explicit sex imaginable. It's envelope is neither hard nor soft, but the slide that involves both. Shannon Rush is but one of several porn stars, producers, and bikini models who inhabit "the adult webmaster world," a traveling circus of parties and conferences and whose participants are always a ready tease.

Inna here is hiding her boobs with her crossed arms, well, sort of. But there is more to see of Inna Wood Nymph if you click on the link or the picture. This 19 year old Russian turns out to be a throughly modern gal. Natural sunlight, natural boobs, nature girl. And out in the woods. The Mad Professor stumbled across this favorite during one of his jaunts through the Picticon; she is a JBX Girl, one of a dozen or so freshly shaven teen beauties who prefer no curtain at all.

The Mad Professor's vast archives include erotica from all eras and sources, and today he has dusted off some of his BBS discs licensed from the early days of the Internet. Ah, the Busty Bikini Babes--bodacious bra busters bursting out of their bikini tops. Vintage 1990s is admittedly suspect--but the Mad Professor needs to put these scattered sets somewhere. His Madness admits that their reconstructed quality cannot compete with today's best digital camera, but unless you can time travel, you can't get there from here. The Picticon is your time machine.

Another of Kim's artful dodgers is Lulu, party girl extraordinary, and whom you will find dressed and naked on various pages of both the "Private Parts in Public Places" section as well as the Parties and Performances. Lulu Hell Cat Striptease is the name of this scene, and it combines Lulu's great expressions, Kim's artful photography, and delightful exposures, only in the Picticon. The Mad Professor was talking the other day with a colleague from Montreal about the difference between the still image and the video. "Visual-verbal vs acoustic-tactile,"he solemnly nods, true to McLuhan, finger raised. "Permanent vs fleeting. The difference between looking at a map and listening to your GPS unit." Hummm. All that. And if he were here he might add, "And look at those eyes! Look at those breasts! See...she's timeless!"

The Mad Professor is continuing to update some of the Picticon vintage collections, including this growing collection of dancers from the Folies Bergère in Paris. Dehan, #66 in the AN (Armand Noyer) series, like all the rest of the gals, has bare arms and legs, a cute belly button, but is unusual in that she has her top on. well, at least for the moment. Charm knows no boundaries, and it is the mission of the Picticon to (re)discover our legacy. Walery, who photographed many of the Dancers of the Folies Bergère, is a prolific lensman in Paris in the first decades of the 20th century. This postcard is carefully hand-tinted.

Meet Charlie. She's an aspirant biker chick from a while back. The Mad Professor likes her not that's she's so sleek nor so socialized. The tribal above the breasts intrigues him. It has a story to tell and is already at work. The open pants, pudge in the belly, and hands..., well hands and a look in the eye. He's crazy, he's wild, but the Mad Professor thinks he knows what is going to happen next here. The frozen moment of the narrative attracts him with its staying power. Video is good too, and so are some new girls, but Charlie here promises some mean "Bike Business." Out in the Picticon she goes up against some of Mickey's Naughty Girls and you will come to see her learn to go the distance.