This powerful-looking blonde is aptly nicknamed Butch. Standing in front of a curtain, she doffs her little black party dress, revealing nothing (and everything) underneath. Quite a prominent pearl necklace she has on, too. One can't help but wonder how she would counterattack in bed. Butch is yet another girl in the ST Productions collection on the Picticon, and we've got multiple sets of her. She mostly wears lingerie, but wouldn't she look terrific in a military uniform?

We've had quite a few ectomorphic girls in our series recently, so let's mix it up with a well-endowed one from Burma. This honey is even nicknamed Burme, and she's got some interesting tattoos from faraway lands, before ending up in Boston. Of note is the scorpion tattoo, with some writing in kana. Has this girl worked in Japan? Her obvious eye-catcher is her large rack, replete with wide areolas. Quite a find in the ST Productions collections. Natural tits like these are rare! Just goes to show the variety of content we have in the Picticon!

A nameless Christina is putting on makeup, in a twilit room, backlit through a mirror by a setting metropolitan sun. These Bedroom Candids were shot in 1999, and have a wistful feel about them, like something out of one's own past. These few images are from our Miriam Motique collection. She was an indie photographer at the turn of the century, and also performed as an alternative model. We possess photo shoots of her too at the Picticon.

If you are one of the great many Americans who are lucky enough to live in a boating coastal area, perhaps you have been doubly lucky to visit one of these. From our candid photo collections, take a look at this Party on the Dock and Boat. It wouldn't have made the cut to the Picticon unless it had daring metropolitan girls in it! This set depicts an afterparty at Internext 2005-2006 in Florida, and we've got a lot of coverage from these adult expos. Take a look.

The Mad Professor always likes to explore the edge of the envelope, be it with bikinis or sex. Today a lovely Thailand brunette named Panda visits to model some extreme bikinis. Panda is just one of the Fantasmo Microkini Collection; check out the backpiece on Janella or the slit on Lavender Rayne! Click on the image to bring up the highest resolution, and go to the Picticon for in-depth coverage.

Capeta illustrates perfectly the concept of downblouse; she never wears a bra and if folks in the coffee shop look she likes it. You might wonder if Capital might show you more on her scene page? Downblouse, nipple peaks, nippage, titflash...these are some of the many ways of Flashing Tits, one of the Picticon Dubyas. Someday the Mad Professor will invite the community to go wild and subdivide this topic in the entire Picticon, Wikipedia-style, but until then click Capeta's nipple bigger...and wonder why she shows off all the rest.

The mechanics of bra removal can involve one or two persons, and Frio and Frederick Strip Each Other Naked depicts a romantic interlude during which a man pushes down his lover's bra and graces her nipples with her fingertips. In terms of bra removal observe that this, action involves a strapoff prior to the push down. This image is from one of many scenes in the Majestic Fetish Bondage and Femdoms collection in the Picticon.

A lot of people assert that once content has gotten a bit old that it is no longer interesting. But the Mad Professor always has his radar out for content that catches his eye, whether it is old or not. "It is the single picture that sells the book," Eric Kroll is fond of saying. And there is a great deal of truth in this. The Mad Professor isn't intrinsically a big-boob man, he likes tits of all sizes. But it is hand to not study the curves that are formed and the volumes cast as Nature receives itself of a blue bra. Areola, milk glands, nipples, sag..., and yes, 19 year-old does get naked. All part of Ace's Big Tit Girls in the Picticon.

The Mad Professor worked today on adding a few stragglers into the Ropes and Chains Club, a collection believed to be from the early 1990s and including some regulars and dungeon play. Some of the material is pedestrian but still worth study, and throughout there are pearls, like this submissive from Mistress Marky Paints Liquid Latex on Slave. So gold sometimes you have to dig for. The Mad Professor tries to help this along in the Picticon by flagging sets like this one with keywords like bodypaint and liquid latex and femsub, which puts its own spin on it. Go hunt and peck.

The Mad Professor likes this image precisely because of its amateur quality--the bathtub with its brush and cleaning products, the water rushing onto the naked body, the erect nipple, the navel pierce, the look at the camera that is caught in the moment. Justine is not a fashion model, but she's naked, she's wet, and she's real. Justine is another Mickey's "Pink Wet and Ready Girls," and just looking at this one image we are prone to wonder about what happens next? Is Justine a wife, a girlfriend, a neighbor girl, or a first-timer who answered an ad? Does she have any fur between her legs? Will she be showing us all of her stuff? Find more in the Picticon.