If you liked Andie Land, you'll love Donna O'Leary. She's another find by Fantasmo in the multiple meanings of that term. This girl is no less wild, and loves what she is. This particular shoot has her being toyed with in a bathtub, cuffed at two points: her wrists, and one of her ankles. It would do well to describe this photo shoot as "abductor POV". Donna is clearly having fun, though. That's the kind of girl she is. See more of Fantasmo's work at The Picticon.

Heidi reappears, this time also in a full lift. She examines herself. And threatens to drip water upon her nipple. Heidi illustrates several of the Mad Professor's examples of breast flashing and tease. More of Heidi amongst Mike Hammer's gals. (Click on the thumbs to link to the scenes; click on More to circumnavigate the Hammer Ring.)

The Mad Professor is in a perpetual hunt for those "special moments." And what makes this picture special? You need to ask? The lipstick? The sprawled out posture? The open mouth? The Jaccuzi and the water jet? It's a frame from Trinity Bathtub. Trinity is one of Mickey's Amateur Gals. They all do the workout, and Trinity distinguishes herself. The routine does vary a bit from model to model, photographer to photographer, and year to year. You can see this in the Picticon. Some every so often something brings the routine to life: the joy of the model, the setting and mood, and here, the physics.

The Mad Professor has been off for a few days, working in his capacity as the Bikini Scientist. He has been off on a Topless Beach, one of the locations, or venues, that he inhabits here. In the Picticon one of the locations is Beaches, one on of the collections is Wildlife; but but you have to hunt topless amongst the bikinied and nude. The Mad Professor understands that "Contact is King," a slogan he learned thanks to the fine Mme. Trilby. What he needs is a place to blog where comments can be posted. And he will work on this. In between working on nipple rings and Grace Moore (about more another time).

The Mad Professor believes that sex is a rich and varied topic, and now that he is in the mood for candid photos of naked women in showers uncovers this short set, which combines an elegance of Tri-X film, grainy processing, and some Photoshop effects. But beneath it all is one of those moments "you can't get to from here," and some private portraits of Jess in the shower. Once again the Mad Professor confesses his affection for flickr.com, and reminds readers that they may duplicate this Picticon image if they only include the credit for sansreproache and acknowledge the image is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works license.

The Mad Professor is drawn to the real. Well, that's a hard thing, because all sexFo is real in some sense, and that is one of its elusive dimensions--she's posing but she really is naked. This image is not even posed--its just a real woman standing naked next to the shower. Something from husband and wife; something about them, who they are to each other, and to which we are a silent, voyeuristic partner. Thank you Katie and friend. There is nothing proprietary about these Katie Naked Candids--it's from Flickr as per the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License, and if you choose to reproduce this likeness again you must site the credit and the License. So why is it in the Picticon? Because we collect things, like Amateur Couples, and because we value their spirit.

The Mad Professor has been been drifting through a butt fetish for a couple blogs now and hope to tidy the topic up for a while. This fitting brunette combines butt and water and smile. Bathtub, wet, hair are also keywords. "Adrianna Wet" doesn't begin to tell the full story here. His Madness had to hunt to find a butt shot which didn't capture, well, you know.... Follow the cuteness in Picticon.

The Mad Professor likes this image precisely because of its amateur quality--the bathtub with its brush and cleaning products, the water rushing onto the naked body, the erect nipple, the navel pierce, the look at the camera that is caught in the moment. Justine is not a fashion model, but she's naked, she's wet, and she's real. Justine is another Mickey's "Pink Wet and Ready Girls," and just looking at this one image we are prone to wonder about what happens next? Is Justine a wife, a girlfriend, a neighbor girl, or a first-timer who answered an ad? Does she have any fur between her legs? Will she be showing us all of her stuff? Find more in the Picticon.

After digressing on Aphrodesia and Anthropology the Mad Professor now squints at the remaining term (from the Taschin slogan): Art. The Mad Professor likes art and it is his desire to share it also with his surfers. The way to see art as sexy is to try to look into the head-space of the painting or graphic. SexFo does not get better than this Harem Baths painting by Jean-Leon Gerome from 1876. Like all best fantasy it builds a rich dimensional environment with an engagement. The proposition--naked models lounging about the harem, the interaction with the hookah-san--just entering this quasi-real world is aphrodesia, anthropological (one culture's depiction of another), and art (because it is magnificent in color and light and bodies and action and idea and more). See more at the Picticon.