Following the positive response of our Noriko Hamada post, it's a good idea to explore our Suave Collection further. There's a lot of beautiful content in those galleries, and this time, we'll look at one of several pages of the Gen-X Bondage collection. Part of the Picticon Dark Bondage collection. There's something remarkably emotional about these works. Lighting must be a key part of it; the chiaoscuro sets a baroque mood. The image also tells an incomplete story. Who is this girl, what relationship does she have with the man teasing her with a calligraphy brush? The question is moot, and we'll never know.

This time, courtesy of our team of time-traveling archeologist pornophiles, the Picticon has for you a blast from the past of the most fascinating variety. The Mad Professor and his team of researchers have unearthed a fine piece of Bill Dasher's material, from a time when there was still an Iron Curtain across Europe, and a bald guy in charge of the mess was sacking numerous high-ranking brasshats after Mathias_Rust, a German fellow landed a small plane right at the bald guy's doorstep. We see a mysterious femme who looks out of place and time, enduring hot wax in a tight breast bind. For her name, we have a singular pseudonym: Jinsu. With that name, with her style, with the Japanese poster advertising a 1988 freakshow, and with the remarkable nonchalant composure reminiscent of an experienced geisha at an oyabun's mercy, one cannot help but be overcome by the entire composition and wonder about her. Just who is she? What became of her after all these years? And just how painful is the hot wax?

Today we'd like to tell you about a darling young nutcase named Gia. Gia is shot by our very own Fantasmo, and she's a proper delinquent. Her day job is that of a vocalist for a rock band of the screamo variety, and she's committed (in multiple senses of the word) enough to get its name tattooed on her chest. Gia is a reluctant submissive and the Gia Cuffed and Sucks Dildo with Honey scene has her snarling face forced onto a pink dildo, in wrist and ankle cuffs, on a publicly visible suburban veranda. No hiding for Gia. Her 2500+ pictures and videos is far from the only model that Fantasmo has shot for the Picticon. Enjoy.

The removal of the bra can follow many sequences. Here a hand reaches into the frame and unfastens it. Two hooks. Chaos just keeps driving the boat. There are many scenes in two days of Chaos Submissive Training in which Chaos explores her BDSM instincts. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels tall and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

For the next few blogs the Mad Professor turns his attention to the removal of the top and the display of the breasts. And what better way to start than with Devilyn? She doesn't know who is in the room, and with her hands cuffed up above her head, won't be stopping whatever pleasures one might have in store for her. Devilyn is another of Mysterio_Graphics's Detroit Noire Babes: not many clothes and lot of tattoos.You have to hunt about, but you will find Devilyn naked in the bathroom. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels tall and many more like it can be found in the Picticon.

Great bondage never goes out of style and this image of Ulla after she has had her panties cut off is no exception. She will spend the day tied up in various positions. Older surfers may remember some of these images from their youth, others may discover these for the first time. These many short Vintage Bondage and Illustration scenes are from an era of black and white photography. Aficionados should carefully inspect the rope work, the many styles of gags, body harnesses, and equipment. Included in these gems in the Picticon are a small collection of bondage illustration and Japanese photographs.

The Mad Professor worked today on adding a few stragglers into the Ropes and Chains Club, a collection believed to be from the early 1990s and including some regulars and dungeon play. Some of the material is pedestrian but still worth study, and throughout there are pearls, like this submissive from Mistress Marky Paints Liquid Latex on Slave. So gold sometimes you have to dig for. The Mad Professor tries to help this along in the Picticon by flagging sets like this one with keywords like bodypaint and liquid latex and femsub, which puts its own spin on it. Go hunt and peck.

Reality is an important component of bondage as it is for much of SexFo. Is Aly acting or is it real? Well, just study the picture. Look how the legs are threaded through the chair, how the ankles are cinched together. The wrists are tied together and pulled downward, the waist is pulled forward. The rope 'round the head hurts the sides of her mouth and is tied back and down to the rope cinching her ankles. She can't move and she knows her ass is inviting. Aly looks back at you with brown eyes; yup, this is the real deal. "Aly's in Trouble" is a way-stop along a long day in bondage, the kind of extended narrative sophisticated surfers find in the Picticon. The Mad Professor shares insights All About Sex.