The beautiful Japanese Idols Full Frontal Nudes are part of the timeless Picticon collections, and Rei Natsuma Fetish Nudes are just one of several hundred sets you will find on the Picticon. The Japanese Collections are vast and include Japanese Glamour and Hair Nudes, Japanatease Flashing and Voyeurism, Japanese Fetish Elegance, as well the softer Japanese Magazine Fashion. Go for it.

The Japanese beauty we have for you today is partially unknown. Lost to time, perhaps. She's from our Suave Fetish collection. A stage actress with bobbed hair and a proud, dignified demeanor. All we are left to go by besides these beautiful photos is her surname: Sugimoto. She carries with her all the traits of movie actresses. In a way, the lack of full disclosure only augments her charm and style. See other beauties like her at the Picticon.

Who would have thought that the Picticon has a multitude of photos of the lesser-known Sara Shimada? She has performed as an actress in two Sailor Moon musicals. To this day, she's a photo model, and has not aged a day, judging from the photos on her MySpace! Below you can see her delightful carefree self from a decade ago, the same timeframe of her acting. With that thought, enjoy the dozens of beautiful Sara Shimada Glamour and Nudes which may be found in the Suave Glamour section!

We've had quite a few ectomorphic girls in our series recently, so let's mix it up with a well-endowed one from Burma. This honey is even nicknamed Burme, and she's got some interesting tattoos from faraway lands, before ending up in Boston. Of note is the scorpion tattoo, with some writing in kana. Has this girl worked in Japan? Her obvious eye-catcher is her large rack, replete with wide areolas. Quite a find in the ST Productions collections. Natural tits like these are rare! Just goes to show the variety of content we have in the Picticon!

Following the positive response of our Noriko Hamada post, it's a good idea to explore our Suave Collection further. There's a lot of beautiful content in those galleries, and this time, we'll look at one of several pages of the Gen-X Bondage collection. Part of the Picticon Dark Bondage collection. There's something remarkably emotional about these works. Lighting must be a key part of it; the chiaoscuro sets a baroque mood. The image also tells an incomplete story. Who is this girl, what relationship does she have with the man teasing her with a calligraphy brush? The question is moot, and we'll never know.

Once again we revisit the Suave collection--this time, Japanese Fetish Elegance, a small section of it. This is remarkably eye-catching work, for both its quality and the 1990s period-evocative unmistakably Japanese style. This is Noriko Hamada. She has acted in a few movies, and this image does justice to her natural coolness and beauty. From our set of her, Noriko Hamada Open Fetish, where you may see quite a number of other beautiful shots that likewise do her justice. Devoid of lewdness, Noriko is the stuff of dreams. I trust you agree. All of this can be found at the Picticon.

Another treat from the fascinating Tanaka bondage collection is before you. Simple, yet remarkably evocative. They call these girls OLs in Japan, "office ladies"--they are the female equivalent of the "riman," short bastardization of "salaryman," a caste unto themselves. Japan is a strange, regimented society, mired in tradition yet adapted to modern ages. This one is a hallmark from the Tanaka Bondage and Cum collection. Dressed in a pinstripe business suit and hose evocative of the now-romantic 1990s, Yumeka Takami is brought to an austere concrete slab-walled chamber, gradually stripped, bound and spread, played with by a suited man. Is he her boss, or a yakuza? The boundary between them is blurred, is it not? Perhaps it doesn't even matter. We have the entire collection at the Picticon.

Every once in a while, you might come across erotica that resembles movie stills in its quality of lighting, talent, and exposition. Such is the erotica produced by Tanaka over a decade ago. These beautiful images strongly resemble the sights of East Asian drama shows and movies of the period--save for what's being depicted. In this gallery, two beautiful girls--Sayuri and Minami--pose together in light kinbaku. Everything about this set is warm and welcoming--the soft earthy appearance of the tatami and the fabrics, the rope, the girls themselves, their flowing hair. Japan has had hundreds of years in practice of nawa shibari; the calmness and dignity of that old art is well understood by its modern artists. Let some delicious nostalgia sink in, reader, from the Tanaka lesbian bondage section of The Picticon. Perhaps you've seen small fragments of these collections before, out there in the dark corners of the Internet. Perhaps you barely remember them. We have them all, however.

This time, courtesy of our team of time-traveling archeologist pornophiles, the Picticon has for you a blast from the past of the most fascinating variety. The Mad Professor and his team of researchers have unearthed a fine piece of Bill Dasher's material, from a time when there was still an Iron Curtain across Europe, and a bald guy in charge of the mess was sacking numerous high-ranking brasshats after Mathias_Rust, a German fellow landed a small plane right at the bald guy's doorstep. We see a mysterious femme who looks out of place and time, enduring hot wax in a tight breast bind. For her name, we have a singular pseudonym: Jinsu. With that name, with her style, with the Japanese poster advertising a 1988 freakshow, and with the remarkable nonchalant composure reminiscent of an experienced geisha at an oyabun's mercy, one cannot help but be overcome by the entire composition and wonder about her. Just who is she? What became of her after all these years? And just how painful is the hot wax?

Klin continues the Mad Professor's analysis of panty pulldowns. Try to ignore the DD boobs (they are part of the Ace Big Tit Girls collection) and examine how Klin has her thumbs hooked into the back of the panties. 19-year old Klin is kinda shy about undressing and showing her stuff, but inside the Picticon her naked body will charm your pants off.