You gotta love Capeta. It's not her first appearance in the blog--last time she was leaning over and you could look down her blouse and see her tit--and today she is dressed in a red tube top and a white bikini brief that fails to cover her pussy hair very much. What happens afterward? Well. You can see a lot more at Capeta Red and White Cock Teaser. Hairy bodies and hairy armpits are just two of the many Picticon categories, and Capeta qualifies for both. You will find more of her in Fantasmo The Art of Revelation, including every last intimate detail.

The Winnebago Man wouldn't be such a spaz if he had this beauty to distract him, that's for certain. Pictured here is Kristina from David Slaughter's Hose and Foot Girls, and she clearly belongs in that collection! Her amazingly well-proportioned body and striking attire makes the back of this RV seem like the back of a multi-millionaire's motor yacht. The warmth of the Vegas sunset does her justice, accentuating the warm colors of her skin, hair, and bodystocking. She really knows how to strike a feminine pose. Overall, it's a darling set, shot very well. Don't take my word for it, see Kristina Red Hose and See-through Outside for yourselves! Part of the David Slaughter collections at the Picticon. We have all his work.

Unless you look very hard you will not find what lies all the way upskirt, but you will discover a beautiful Japanese glamour idol in curvaceous bikinis floating in pools, in bare-midriff casual-wear out on a date, and in leggy dresses like this one. Megumi Oishi Leggy Fashion Model is just one of hundreds of Japanese Magazine Fashion sets found in the Picticon. Not everybody wants their erotica to be hardcore, and the Japanese collections in the Picticon span a range from the sexy covered up to the more libertine Japanese Topless and Hair Nudes. You can also find more explicit tease gals, fetish gals, and of course, bondage and hardcore.

The Mad Professor is continuing to update some of the Picticon vintage collections, including this growing collection of dancers from the Folies Bergère in Paris. Dehan, #66 in the AN (Armand Noyer) series, like all the rest of the gals, has bare arms and legs, a cute belly button, but is unusual in that she has her top on. well, at least for the moment. Charm knows no boundaries, and it is the mission of the Picticon to (re)discover our legacy. Walery, who photographed many of the Dancers of the Folies Bergère, is a prolific lensman in Paris in the first decades of the 20th century. This postcard is carefully hand-tinted.