You gotta love the pursed lips of this Harrison Marks bikini pinup gal from 1959. Sandra North's halter has full fabric behind the neck but string around the torso. The bottoms bare the belly button and Ms. North threatens to push them even lower. But that is the direction they are headed anyway, isn't it. This image is but one of many scene from our Vintage 1950s Collections found in the Picticon, ranging from pinups to nudes. This from is harvested from Pinup 10, an English publication, and is one of many images from our Mark Gabor Collection.

That's a pretty small bikini that porn star Trisha Uptown is wearing out by the pool at this 2007 Internext adult webmasters' conference, and the guy in the background isn't making any bones about what happens at places like this. Trisha has her own website, and is known in the industry for looking really young (she's 29 in this photo) but being wise beyond her years. You should see her without her top on! Or without anything, even better. Family values never had it so good. Photographed by Fantasmo. Lots more of her in the LM Collection on the Picticon.

You wouldn't guess it from this particular image unless you recognize her by face: that's "Long" Jeanne Silver, the famous 1970s and 1980s porn actress. Dressed to impress in leather that doesn't cover her assets, she can be seen here enjoying herself on a Harley-Davidson surrounded by One-Percenter bikers in a club. Sal from Ghost Motorcycle is visible near her in another image, also. This photo is a 1980s vintage, showing Jeanne at the heights of her career, a delicious twenty-something. Perhaps 'delicious' isn't the right term: Jeanne is more like a glass of cranberry juice on ice, spiked with a generous dose of vodka. This photo and many more like it were shot by Bobby Hanson, the biker photographer that has been featured by us before. His work resides in our Picticon.

Who would have thought that the Picticon has a multitude of photos of the lesser-known Sara Shimada? She has performed as an actress in two Sailor Moon musicals. To this day, she's a photo model, and has not aged a day, judging from the photos on her MySpace! Below you can see her delightful carefree self from a decade ago, the same timeframe of her acting. With that thought, enjoy the dozens of beautiful Sara Shimada Glamour and Nudes which may be found in the Suave Glamour section!

Once again we revisit the Suave collection--this time, Japanese Fetish Elegance, a small section of it. This is remarkably eye-catching work, for both its quality and the 1990s period-evocative unmistakably Japanese style. This is Noriko Hamada. She has acted in a few movies, and this image does justice to her natural coolness and beauty. From our set of her, Noriko Hamada Open Fetish, where you may see quite a number of other beautiful shots that likewise do her justice. Devoid of lewdness, Noriko is the stuff of dreams. I trust you agree. All of this can be found at the Picticon.

Once, there was an age where erotic films had storylines not as an exception, but as a rule. This hearkens back to the proliferation of exploitation films in the 60s and 70s. After all, it was a different age, with different cultural programming. Behold a 1982 example called House of Sin, starring such talent as the amputee "Long" Jeanne Silver and Robert Kerman, part of the cast of cult classics like Cannibal Holocaust and Debbie Does Dallas. Naturally, our content library contains several production stills. The plot of the movie is almost idyllic in its strangeness. A lady experiences car trouble; a man comes by to help her, and wouldn't you know it, he's the son of Satan, looking for unsuspecting vulnerables to spirit away to his house - the film's namesake - to do his sexual bidding for whatever nefarious Satanic purposes. Won't you take a look at the other sets of rare vintage cinema stills we have available? We possess content which you may not find anywhere else on the Internet over at the Picticon.

Performance artist and rock musician Kembra Pfahler is one of the glam-cult celebrities featured among Kim Fielding's documentation of New York's Club Scene during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Multiple performances of the Karen Black band and its performers, including Kembra and Samoa, are found linking off this page. The Mad Professor is following the debate about "free." This 1800 resolution picture is free, but what makes the Picticon valuable is not simply its 250,000 images, but the 7500 pages which organize and detail them. Help support the Picticon and make it grow.

The Kim Fielding pictures include documentation of bands like Thrust (featuring Kelly Webb shown here and others) and candid shots of New York's nightlife during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Visit the Paladium, the Limelight, CBGBs. the Continental, on St.Mark's Place, the Red Zone, Tattoo Love Child, Club X, La Mama, The Kitchen, Cinebar. It's all very sexy. The Mad Professor sometimes wonders why he feels compelled to bring a collection so obviously not hardcore to the surfers of the Picticon. Because it's not all about hardcore, that's why. It's about tease, voyeurism, fashion, performance. The list goes on.

The Mad Professor has affection for movie stars, starlets and gals-next-door who push limits. And screen star Anna May Wong, baring her belly and legs and flashing her armpits in a 1933 publicity shot is no exception. This portrait of screen star Anna May Wong has been scanned from a scrapbook assembled by a collector circa the early 1930s. The scrapbook includes clippings from movie magazines of the period and the images continue to be scanned, exquisitely restored, and added to the extensive holdings in the Picticon.

Like many others, when Norma Shearer auditions for the Ziegfeld Follies in 1918 she is sent over to photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston for a routine set of photographs, and like many if not most of the prospects, the 18 year old Ms. Shearer bares her tits and her pussy in his New York studio. But the talented young lady doesn't get hired and it is not until the mid-1920, after Shearer becomes a movie star, that the photographs find the light of day. Ah, how familiar a story. The Mad Professor knows that the erotic is not simply the images themselves, but the story behind the images as well. Johnston's style is unique, and the Picticon is pleased to continue to consolidate some of his sexiest work.