Like many others, when Norma Shearer auditions for the Ziegfeld Follies in 1918 she is sent over to photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston for a routine set of photographs, and like many if not most of the prospects, the 18 year old Ms. Shearer bares her tits and her pussy in his New York studio. But the talented young lady doesn't get hired and it is not until the mid-1920, after Shearer becomes a movie star, that the photographs find the light of day. Ah, how familiar a story. The Mad Professor knows that the erotic is not simply the images themselves, but the story behind the images as well. Johnston's style is unique, and the Picticon is pleased to continue to consolidate some of his sexiest work.

The Mad Professor is continuing to update some of the Picticon vintage collections, including this growing collection of dancers from the Folies Bergère in Paris. Dehan, #66 in the AN (Armand Noyer) series, like all the rest of the gals, has bare arms and legs, a cute belly button, but is unusual in that she has her top on. well, at least for the moment. Charm knows no boundaries, and it is the mission of the Picticon to (re)discover our legacy. Walery, who photographed many of the Dancers of the Folies Bergère, is a prolific lensman in Paris in the first decades of the 20th century. This postcard is carefully hand-tinted.

The Mad Professor is a collector, and he shares his vast horde with his surfers. Recently he stumbled across some new nuggets for one of his treasured collections, the AN series featuring the Dancers of the Casino de Paris, probably circa 1910s. Enjoy and understand these are real gals. You can find collections of vintage pinups, but nowhere will you find the scope, depth, and scholarship of the carefully restored Vintage 1910 images found in the Picticon. The Mad Professor rules, so take advantage of the best!

What's so sexy about SOL Girl 3181 that makes her a standout time-warped through almost a century? Twenty years old, ready to party in Paris, hair permed, a necklace of pearls, and a robe dropped just low enough so that her pubic hair maybe shows, and a belly button worth kissing. That's what. The print is black and white, hand-tinted by an assembly line of workers, and in the event 3181 isn't sexy enough, each nipple gets dabbed. The Mad Professor is the creator of the Picticon, a cornucopia of all things sexual. The Mad Professor's rants hope to inspire you to see things in pictures you might have overlooked before, and to take things you appreciate and roll them under your fingertip. SOL 3181 is believed to be from the 1920s, Paris. More of her, front and back, are found at the "SOL Mark Naughty Postcards".