The Mad Professor like to share and believes he has something to offer his readers. It is an eye for fashion and sexfo, an attempt to enlighten as well. In the process of doing this the Mad Professor himself learns. It's about the line sometimes, like Krystal Bellydown here, another of Mickey's Pink Wet and Ready Gals and you may wonder is she shows all her stuff. Right now Krystal's just street hot. Like Charlie, whom you've seen before, Krystal also does the pickup cab; she does girls too. So many new candidates, all in Mickey's Gyno Girls. The formula can be a very important part of it for the Picticon. It's about ways of looking.

The Mad Professor likes language and and he relishes sharing daily encounters. Today it is a slogan on a Taschen postcard, "Publishers of Art, Anthropology and Aphrodesia." It is that last word that catches his attention, because The Mad Professor feels drawn that he is sharing something other than "porn." "Darleen" is abstracted from Bikini Science Upstate New York Hippy Period, where it is part of a story network. Aphrodesia is a state of the mind and the body, and a major theme of The Picticon.

Meet Charlie. She's an aspirant biker chick from a while back. The Mad Professor likes her not that's she's so sleek nor so socialized. The tribal above the breasts intrigues him. It has a story to tell and is already at work. The open pants, pudge in the belly, and hands..., well hands and a look in the eye. He's crazy, he's wild, but the Mad Professor thinks he knows what is going to happen next here. The frozen moment of the narrative attracts him with its staying power. Video is good too, and so are some new girls, but Charlie here promises some mean "Bike Business." Out in the Picticon she goes up against some of Mickey's Naughty Girls and you will come to see her learn to go the distance.

What's so sexy about SOL Girl 3181 that makes her a standout time-warped through almost a century? Twenty years old, ready to party in Paris, hair permed, a necklace of pearls, and a robe dropped just low enough so that her pubic hair maybe shows, and a belly button worth kissing. That's what. The print is black and white, hand-tinted by an assembly line of workers, and in the event 3181 isn't sexy enough, each nipple gets dabbed. The Mad Professor is the creator of the Picticon, a cornucopia of all things sexual. The Mad Professor's rants hope to inspire you to see things in pictures you might have overlooked before, and to take things you appreciate and roll them under your fingertip. SOL 3181 is believed to be from the 1920s, Paris. More of her, front and back, are found at the "SOL Mark Naughty Postcards".