After a hiatus, we bring you something from our very own Fantasmo collection. This beauty with uncommonly keen fingernails is Kitten, and this is her audition. She came into Fantasmo's studio with her boyfriend, and fully clothed she evokes the delightful image of a librarian, as you'll see from the rest of the photo shoot. When her clothes are off, watch out, however: beneath that demure and innocent clothed look is a pierced and tattooed alternative girl. Of note are her prominent, erect nipples, the likes of which you won't see very often. This girl has other secrets too, we're quite certain. Via the Picticon.

Glam Punkers. Dateline Los Angeles. That's Mistress Tyre with the dyed red hair and tattoos on her arms and back. Although you may not see her nipple and navel piercings, rest assured she has them. You can admire her nose and double lip rings, as well as the 80s retro sunglass look combined with that fabulous dye job. Tyre's friend is Cherry Poppins. Like Tyre, she has a whole arsenal of tattoos on her arms and back. All in all, quite the alternative duo. See them tussle together like the alt-girl bunnies they are. Especially striking is that belt our redhead is wearing... It's made from the spent brass and disintegrating ribbon links once used to feed the hungry maw of a squad automatic weapon. All of it, from the Carlos Batts Digital Collection on the Picticon.

Today we'd like to tell you about a darling young nutcase named Gia. Gia is shot by our very own Fantasmo, and she's a proper delinquent. Her day job is that of a vocalist for a rock band of the screamo variety, and she's committed (in multiple senses of the word) enough to get its name tattooed on her chest. Gia is a reluctant submissive and the Gia Cuffed and Sucks Dildo with Honey scene has her snarling face forced onto a pink dildo, in wrist and ankle cuffs, on a publicly visible suburban veranda. No hiding for Gia. Her 2500+ pictures and videos is far from the only model that Fantasmo has shot for the Picticon. Enjoy.

Long before there were sleek Suicide Girls there have been women (and men) whose body adornment has stood out, and it has been the pleasure of the Mad Professor to dig them out and present them to you. Ink and stainless and a smile. Joni Wildcat is from the Berlin 1993 Tattoo Convention and is just one of Steve Bonge's many tattooed women and men you will find in the Picticon. You don't have to be a Hell's Angel to get into some of the places Bonge travels...but it helps. P. S. This picture is 1536 resolution!

The Mad Professor is always pleased to present "places you can't get to from here," like these snapshots from a 1987 Am Jam biker outing. Tattooed Pest, here seen flashing her tit, will be found dancing naked if you click the link or the picture. Love her, she's just one of the man chicks who rides with the club and is found in Steve Bonge's AM-JAM Parties. The purpose of the Picticon is to expand the horizons of sexy. Sure it has plenty of posed cute girls, but it also relishes the real, the spontaneous, and the daring. And biker babes are always on the short list.

The Mad Professor is a hunter. A curious one. He likes girls that are marked up--be they mark themselves for the significance and ritual of it, or be they marked up by their boyfriends. You met Charlie a couple of weeks ago when we admired her chestpiece tattoo. That time she was posing for a biker layout. Today "Charlie Our SUV Cab Cutie" just wants to get warm. Except the price of hanging around is to strip naked. Charlie's just 18, pure working class, and, unlike most of Mickey's Amateurs, a bit shy about opening her legs too much. But she likes the ink, and well...search her out in the Picticon.

Meet Charlie. She's an aspirant biker chick from a while back. The Mad Professor likes her not that's she's so sleek nor so socialized. The tribal above the breasts intrigues him. It has a story to tell and is already at work. The open pants, pudge in the belly, and hands..., well hands and a look in the eye. He's crazy, he's wild, but the Mad Professor thinks he knows what is going to happen next here. The frozen moment of the narrative attracts him with its staying power. Video is good too, and so are some new girls, but Charlie here promises some mean "Bike Business." Out in the Picticon she goes up against some of Mickey's Naughty Girls and you will come to see her learn to go the distance.