Temptrix, a young noire type from Detroit, demonstrates how to wiggle the panties down the ass.The Mad Professor emerges from his cave to present Temptrix along with another four Detroit goth types from the camera of Sean Graham, and exclusive to the Picticon. This high-resolution image is 1536 pixels wide.

The Mad Professor has been been drifting through a butt fetish for a couple blogs now and hope to tidy the topic up for a while. This fitting brunette combines butt and water and smile. Bathtub, wet, hair are also keywords. "Adrianna Wet" doesn't begin to tell the full story here. His Madness had to hunt to find a butt shot which didn't capture, well, you know.... Follow the cuteness in Picticon.

Last time the Mad Professor ruminated about "What is Fetish" and proffered a crochet bikini, which was also closeup butt shot. Then at lunch with Miki Bunge (the publisher of Goliath Books and a foremost publisher of erotica), the subject of a making a book 1000 Butts came up and the Mad Professor became challenged to present a range of visuals on the subject. "Laurie's Pascal Bikinis" feature five increasingly small French creations which this randy redhead teases to the extreme. You'll find other scenes of her in the Fantasmo Bikini Collection, and you'll find thousands of butts in the Picticon Categories.

"What is Fetish," the Mad Professor wonders, and what does it have to do with the Picticon? Picticon violates the rule about the narrow message. Because it has a lot of a lot of different things. But what's wrong with that? Think Wikipedia. What's valuable about the Wikipedia is that the links inspire you, and you lead you to new paths. Jenny Horn is one of Fantasmo's most adorned girls, and Coy Crochet Craziness is one of her least-known and most revealing performances. Crochet bikinis--is this Fetish?

Reality is an important component of bondage as it is for much of SexFo. Is Aly acting or is it real? Well, just study the picture. Look how the legs are threaded through the chair, how the ankles are cinched together. The wrists are tied together and pulled downward, the waist is pulled forward. The rope 'round the head hurts the sides of her mouth and is tied back and down to the rope cinching her ankles. She can't move and she knows her ass is inviting. Aly looks back at you with brown eyes; yup, this is the real deal. "Aly's in Trouble" is a way-stop along a long day in bondage, the kind of extended narrative sophisticated surfers find in the Picticon. The Mad Professor shares insights All About Sex.