You'll find both Liz (the buxom gal on the left and Masayo (the oriental gal on the right) in other of Kim Fielding's shoots...and Liz in some heavy-duty bondage by Fantasmo. SexFo isn't just about the moment, it's about looking through windows across time and space. Many years ago the Mad Professor produced a CD-ROM of the work of Kim Fielding, "Private Parts in Public Places," documenting the frenetic late 1980s and early 1990s on New York's Lower East Side. Club kids, street life, girl bands, and teasy photoshoots of girls and guys. These sets are now being brought to life once again in the Picticon.

The Mad Professor is a hunter. A curious one. He likes girls that are marked up--be they mark themselves for the significance and ritual of it, or be they marked up by their boyfriends. You met Charlie a couple of weeks ago when we admired her chestpiece tattoo. That time she was posing for a biker layout. Today "Charlie Our SUV Cab Cutie" just wants to get warm. Except the price of hanging around is to strip naked. Charlie's just 18, pure working class, and, unlike most of Mickey's Amateurs, a bit shy about opening her legs too much. But she likes the ink, and well...search her out in the Picticon.

The Mad Professor believes that sex is a rich and varied topic, and now that he is in the mood for candid photos of naked women in showers uncovers this short set, which combines an elegance of Tri-X film, grainy processing, and some Photoshop effects. But beneath it all is one of those moments "you can't get to from here," and some private portraits of Jess in the shower. Once again the Mad Professor confesses his affection for flickr.com, and reminds readers that they may duplicate this Picticon image if they only include the credit for sansreproache and acknowledge the image is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works license.

The Mad Professor is drawn to the real. Well, that's a hard thing, because all sexFo is real in some sense, and that is one of its elusive dimensions--she's posing but she really is naked. This image is not even posed--its just a real woman standing naked next to the shower. Something from husband and wife; something about them, who they are to each other, and to which we are a silent, voyeuristic partner. Thank you Katie and friend. There is nothing proprietary about these Katie Naked Candids--it's from Flickr as per the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License, and if you choose to reproduce this likeness again you must site the credit and the License. So why is it in the Picticon? Because we collect things, like Amateur Couples, and because we value their spirit.