The Mad Professor is a collector, and he shares his vast horde with his surfers. Recently he stumbled across some new nuggets for one of his treasured collections, the AN series featuring the Dancers of the Casino de Paris, probably circa 1910s. Enjoy and understand these are real gals. You can find collections of vintage pinups, but nowhere will you find the scope, depth, and scholarship of the carefully restored Vintage 1910 images found in the Picticon. The Mad Professor rules, so take advantage of the best!

The Mad Professor like to share and believes he has something to offer his readers. It is an eye for fashion and sexfo, an attempt to enlighten as well. In the process of doing this the Mad Professor himself learns. It's about the line sometimes, like Krystal Bellydown here, another of Mickey's Pink Wet and Ready Gals and you may wonder is she shows all her stuff. Right now Krystal's just street hot. Like Charlie, whom you've seen before, Krystal also does the pickup cab; she does girls too. So many new candidates, all in Mickey's Gyno Girls. The formula can be a very important part of it for the Picticon. It's about ways of looking.

Long before there were sleek Suicide Girls there have been women (and men) whose body adornment has stood out, and it has been the pleasure of the Mad Professor to dig them out and present them to you. Ink and stainless and a smile. Joni Wildcat is from the Berlin 1993 Tattoo Convention and is just one of Steve Bonge's many tattooed women and men you will find in the Picticon. You don't have to be a Hell's Angel to get into some of the places Bonge travels...but it helps. P. S. This picture is 1536 resolution!

The Mad Professor is always pleased to present "places you can't get to from here," like these snapshots from a 1987 Am Jam biker outing. Tattooed Pest, here seen flashing her tit, will be found dancing naked if you click the link or the picture. Love her, she's just one of the man chicks who rides with the club and is found in Steve Bonge's AM-JAM Parties. The purpose of the Picticon is to expand the horizons of sexy. Sure it has plenty of posed cute girls, but it also relishes the real, the spontaneous, and the daring. And biker babes are always on the short list.