In a shift of gears the Mad Professor turns again to the collections of Kim Fielding, of "Private Parts in Public Places" fame. His Madness continues a marathon effort to redeploy the late 1990s classic CD into the Picticon. Fielding photographed New York's Lower East Side during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and his portraits on the street, inside nightclubs, and of club kids poised in his studio, and boyfriends and girlfriends caught akimbo are priceless. "You can't get there from here," is how one critic put it, and another, "you have to do the hoofing to collect the work." The Mad Professor is interested not in mindless repetition; he seeks the interesting, the different, the moment. Ami is a Fielding discovery, but this Clit Club dancer makes many appearances in the Picticon.

The Mad Professor has affection for movie stars, starlets and gals-next-door who push limits. And screen star Anna May Wong, baring her belly and legs and flashing her armpits in a 1933 publicity shot is no exception. This portrait of screen star Anna May Wong has been scanned from a scrapbook assembled by a collector circa the early 1930s. The scrapbook includes clippings from movie magazines of the period and the images continue to be scanned, exquisitely restored, and added to the extensive holdings in the Picticon.

The Mad Professor was trolling ebay last night--he started with a specific want list but ended up far afield. When he stumbled across these Censored Titties he first reaction was to close the file and back away--something about the awfulness of censorship--but then he reconsidered, revisited, and decided to harvest. There is something very sexy about the censor here; and the Mad Professor thinks it is the decision to locate that most erotic part of the body--the nipple--and touch it. With an overprint, and ink pasty, a marking of territory. Two different publishers are represented in this small collection from the Vintage 1960s Collections of the Picticon. One of the overprints embosses a string of gold stars atop the tits, this publisher lays a delicate snowflake right atop the aureola and nipple. Don't worry, nips are easy to come by; censor marks are, thank goodness, more scarce.

Like many others, when Norma Shearer auditions for the Ziegfeld Follies in 1918 she is sent over to photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston for a routine set of photographs, and like many if not most of the prospects, the 18 year old Ms. Shearer bares her tits and her pussy in his New York studio. But the talented young lady doesn't get hired and it is not until the mid-1920, after Shearer becomes a movie star, that the photographs find the light of day. Ah, how familiar a story. The Mad Professor knows that the erotic is not simply the images themselves, but the story behind the images as well. Johnston's style is unique, and the Picticon is pleased to continue to consolidate some of his sexiest work.

The Mad Professor is continuing to update some of the Picticon vintage collections, including this growing collection of dancers from the Folies Bergère in Paris. Dehan, #66 in the AN (Armand Noyer) series, like all the rest of the gals, has bare arms and legs, a cute belly button, but is unusual in that she has her top on. well, at least for the moment. Charm knows no boundaries, and it is the mission of the Picticon to (re)discover our legacy. Walery, who photographed many of the Dancers of the Folies Bergère, is a prolific lensman in Paris in the first decades of the 20th century. This postcard is carefully hand-tinted.