Performance artist and rock musician Kembra Pfahler is one of the glam-cult celebrities featured among Kim Fielding's documentation of New York's Club Scene during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Multiple performances of the Karen Black band and its performers, including Kembra and Samoa, are found linking off this page. The Mad Professor is following the debate about "free." This 1800 resolution picture is free, but what makes the Picticon valuable is not simply its 250,000 images, but the 7500 pages which organize and detail them. Help support the Picticon and make it grow.

True candids are a rare breed. The Mad Professor and others know how to fabricate them--well, sort of. This one is absolutely real, and yes there is a picture of her pulling the panties up over her bush. And the aftermath. In order for it to be really real you have to be there in the moment when Kim Zeitner in the room with you is pulling her panties up. Not a model or actress. Shots like this are why the Mad Professor likes Kim Fielding's Private Parts in Public Places so much. It's unabashed, it's real: track down the candid of Lulu, or Liz and Jason, or..., well, there are lots of them. The Picticon is about presenting moments like these.

The Kim Fielding pictures include documentation of bands like Thrust (featuring Kelly Webb shown here and others) and candid shots of New York's nightlife during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Visit the Paladium, the Limelight, CBGBs. the Continental, on St.Mark's Place, the Red Zone, Tattoo Love Child, Club X, La Mama, The Kitchen, Cinebar. It's all very sexy. The Mad Professor sometimes wonders why he feels compelled to bring a collection so obviously not hardcore to the surfers of the Picticon. Because it's not all about hardcore, that's why. It's about tease, voyeurism, fashion, performance. The list goes on.

Another of Kim's artful dodgers is Lulu, party girl extraordinary, and whom you will find dressed and naked on various pages of both the "Private Parts in Public Places" section as well as the Parties and Performances. Lulu Hell Cat Striptease is the name of this scene, and it combines Lulu's great expressions, Kim's artful photography, and delightful exposures, only in the Picticon. The Mad Professor was talking the other day with a colleague from Montreal about the difference between the still image and the video. "Visual-verbal vs acoustic-tactile,"he solemnly nods, true to McLuhan, finger raised. "Permanent vs fleeting. The difference between looking at a map and listening to your GPS unit." Hummm. All that. And if he were here he might add, "And look at those eyes! Look at those breasts! See...she's timeless!"