The Mad Professor wants to share with you some of the ideas that make the Picticon beautiful. Let's walk into the web of it. The first region is the ALL SETS, also PHOTOGRAPHERS on the Menubar top and bottom each page, or the All Sets button at the bottom of the MAIN PAGE. This is sometimes also called the All Collections page. The All Collections page houses more than 100 different Collections. This page is called a "category level page" because it drills down from menubar. Each picture in the Picticon is found here only once, in its native collection home. The buttons found here drill down one level more, to what is called "the dubya layer," and beneath these, the scene pages with their pictures, videos and texts are found. More to come.

The Mad Professor has spent the last few days at work on the Bikini Science website, in particular addressing the quandary of the T-front topless maillot, invented in the early1960s, and revived in the late 1980s. In doing so he has been forging in a field lush with the likes of Peggy Moffitt, Carol Doda, and Elle magazine models. If indeed the links above are to the free bikiniscience.com site, this picture link leads on to one of many beaches featured in the Picticon, Fire Island 1988. Go to Wildlife as a starting point, explore and have fun. You can read all the text and see all the thumbs for free.

Unless you look very hard you will not find what lies all the way upskirt, but you will discover a beautiful Japanese glamour idol in curvaceous bikinis floating in pools, in bare-midriff casual-wear out on a date, and in leggy dresses like this one. Megumi Oishi Leggy Fashion Model is just one of hundreds of Japanese Magazine Fashion sets found in the Picticon. Not everybody wants their erotica to be hardcore, and the Japanese collections in the Picticon span a range from the sexy covered up to the more libertine Japanese Topless and Hair Nudes. You can also find more explicit tease gals, fetish gals, and of course, bondage and hardcore.

The Mad Professor shifts gears today and visits a different kind of erotica--very glamours women beautifully lit and costumes, often in natural light settings, but totally exposing themselves. Tajah Lingerie Bottomless is one of many sets among the David Schoen Artistic Explicit Glamour collections. Lingerie, gloves, and languid, sunlit finger masturbations are signatures of David Schoen's girls. Schoen's vision is particular, and he actively constructs an image which elegant yet sensual, romantic yet penetrating, and soft yet hard. It's collections like this that make the Picticon special.