The Mad Professor has been off for a few days, working in his capacity as the Bikini Scientist. He has been off on a Topless Beach, one of the locations, or venues, that he inhabits here. In the Picticon one of the locations is Beaches, one on of the collections is Wildlife; but but you have to hunt topless amongst the bikinied and nude. The Mad Professor understands that "Contact is King," a slogan he learned thanks to the fine Mme. Trilby. What he needs is a place to blog where comments can be posted. And he will work on this. In between working on nipple rings and Grace Moore (about more another time).

Picticon is about fetish, and few do it better than Jamison, watching herself exhale smoke in the mirror. Nice nipple rings too, and if you click to the set you can discover the full complement of steel and tattoos that this short-haired San Francisco 20-year-old wild thing has already accumulated. Charles Gatewood, the godfather of American fetish photography, has collected Jamison at various points in her life and with various accouterments of piercings and pussy hair. Start with the link here. Drill down to see individual scenes; click MORE to ring around through all the Gatewood collections.

Inna here is hiding her boobs with her crossed arms, well, sort of. But there is more to see of Inna Wood Nymph if you click on the link or the picture. This 19 year old Russian turns out to be a throughly modern gal. Natural sunlight, natural boobs, nature girl. And out in the woods. The Mad Professor stumbled across this favorite during one of his jaunts through the Picticon; she is a JBX Girl, one of a dozen or so freshly shaven teen beauties who prefer no curtain at all.

The Mad Professor's vast archives include erotica from all eras and sources, and today he has dusted off some of his BBS discs licensed from the early days of the Internet. Ah, the Busty Bikini Babes--bodacious bra busters bursting out of their bikini tops. Vintage 1990s is admittedly suspect--but the Mad Professor needs to put these scattered sets somewhere. His Madness admits that their reconstructed quality cannot compete with today's best digital camera, but unless you can time travel, you can't get there from here. The Picticon is your time machine.