A lot of people assert that once content has gotten a bit old that it is no longer interesting. But the Mad Professor always has his radar out for content that catches his eye, whether it is old or not. "It is the single picture that sells the book," Eric Kroll is fond of saying. And there is a great deal of truth in this. The Mad Professor isn't intrinsically a big-boob man, he likes tits of all sizes. But it is hand to not study the curves that are formed and the volumes cast as Nature receives itself of a blue bra. Areola, milk glands, nipples, sag..., and yes, 19 year-old does get naked. All part of Ace's Big Tit Girls in the Picticon.

The Mad Professor is in a perpetual hunt for those "special moments." And what makes this picture special? You need to ask? The lipstick? The sprawled out posture? The open mouth? The Jaccuzi and the water jet? It's a frame from Trinity Bathtub. Trinity is one of Mickey's Amateur Gals. They all do the workout, and Trinity distinguishes herself. The routine does vary a bit from model to model, photographer to photographer, and year to year. You can see this in the Picticon. Some every so often something brings the routine to life: the joy of the model, the setting and mood, and here, the physics.

The Mad Professor worked today on adding a few stragglers into the Ropes and Chains Club, a collection believed to be from the early 1990s and including some regulars and dungeon play. Some of the material is pedestrian but still worth study, and throughout there are pearls, like this submissive from Mistress Marky Paints Liquid Latex on Slave. So gold sometimes you have to dig for. The Mad Professor tries to help this along in the Picticon by flagging sets like this one with keywords like bodypaint and liquid latex and femsub, which puts its own spin on it. Go hunt and peck.

Andie works in the office at the Picticon--but her contract states that she work naked, and under video surveillance. So these primo shots of her big breasts and pierced nipples are from her Office Candids. She's quite proud to be "the office slut." She's also quite a party girl, massage therapist, and whenever the opportunity presents, a bondage model. The Mad Professor takes delight in bringing not just straight-ahead sexology in the Picticon, but also lifestyle sex and journeys into the underground. Andie isn't the only gal in the Picticon whose every intimate moment is covered in depth, but she is one of the most personable.