Fetish is one of the strengths of the Picticon, and Lena Rips Her Hose Off is but one of one of many David Slaughter Hose Girls who demonstrate many ways to take hose off...and what to do once those parts of the body are...what is the right word here...exposed? Available? In production? What separates David from many other photographers is not just the quality of the picture and the glamour of the model, but the variation of theme. Hose correlate with feet, with lingerie, with garters. Pantyhose can be rolled down or ripped out. This are really glamorous gals who are really naughty.

The Mad Professor is a connoisseur of the tease. And nowhere does the tease get better in the Picticon, because the picticon traverses a terrain that ranges from the sexy gal walking down the street to the most hard-core and explicit sex imaginable. It's envelope is neither hard nor soft, but the slide that involves both. Shannon Rush is but one of several porn stars, producers, and bikini models who inhabit "the adult webmaster world," a traveling circus of parties and conferences and whose participants are always a ready tease.

The Mad Professor is aware that this Ace Big Tit Gal is shot by the same studio as Coco, from yesterday. Galka's breasts are smaller but qualify; following an overhead nightgown, body cream onto the... well, you understand. This image, by the way, is bigger than what is displayed in the frame. It pains the Mad Professor that a picture this good should be shared as freely as this, but sharing is something he needs to do more, and what better than a content blow-out. Click the menu at the top to find all the old blogs. Don't worry, His Madness will soon return to his tower.

So. The Mad Professor has successfully downloaded a bunch of bargain basement content from an outfit called Ace Adult Content. An offer on GFU. It comes with releases and IDs, and has been produced in various countries including America and Eastern Europe, Germany, and Poland. It has good production values and integrity, and it is a sad day when content this nice is virtually free. But it is a happy day too. Coco Oiling. One issue with content is how you consume it. For many it is a pass through, something that trickles its way through the brain, leaving impressions or not. Then there are those who collect, organize, digress, trade. Finally there are those who collect, organize, and publish. The Picticon is here to try to preserve moments in history.