When strippers turn thirty you know they really are professionals, and if you're Mike Hammer, off shooting strip contests and you come across Anita Cannibal, you know what to do: find a couch backstage and shoot all stuff you're not allowed to on stage, and wait and see who else wants to pose. It's not like this is a private performance. Mike Hammer is just one of many shooters whose life works has ended up in the Picticon--20,000 plus pix and vids--and another 20,000 that the Mad Professor struggles to keep releasing in the ever-expanding Picticon.

Last time the Mad Professor shared a Polaroid from backstage, now he travels out front to another place you're not allowed to take a camera--a back woods joint in North Carolina where Calypso is allowed to shuck off her top but has to keep her suspender g-string on. But that doesn't stop her from spreading her legs and letting the guys stuff the tips in her garter. Like Raine, Calypso is another Mike Hammer Stripper who will follow him back in the motel room for a photoshoot that isn't limited by the North Carolina liquor authority. Find this kind of stuff in the Picticon.

Not everybody gets the free run of the dressing rooms at a strip club, but Mike Hammer does, and Raine is just one of a collection of Mug Shot Polaroids he gathers--along with a model sheet--of the dancers at Daydreams, a shake shack in Pennsylvania. The gals who sign the release get to participate in the Stripper Contests. Raine is running around naked backstage, and she flashes a smile for this quick Polaroid candid; it's Mike's first encounter. She's got good spark, Mike will shoot her on stage, then after, back at the motel room--strip and pink layouts, maybe some toys, and maybe a trip to the city. But it begins here; a stolen moment you will find only in the Picticon.

Another important page in the Picticon is the ALL CATEGORIES page; you will also see it in button art as All Groups. The Categories are Groups of each and every:Body Parts. Costumes. Body Marginals (hair, shaving, etc). Locations (public and private). Solo Performances (toys, masturbation). Hardcore XXX sex acts. Bondage and BDSM. Vintage and Era Collections. Models Sorted by Age. Drill down from the Categories (a category level page) to the individual Groups, Fetishes, or Dubyas as well call them in a structural sense. Each dubya (e.g. Big Boobs, Panties, Blowjobs, Female Submissives, Glamour 1920s) presents one or more pages of setS, individual scenes you can explore. There is a lot here. Go for it.