"What is Fetish," the Mad Professor wonders, and what does it have to do with the Picticon? Picticon violates the rule about the narrow message. Because it has a lot of a lot of different things. But what's wrong with that? Think Wikipedia. What's valuable about the Wikipedia is that the links inspire you, and you lead you to new paths. Jenny Horn is one of Fantasmo's most adorned girls, and Coy Crochet Craziness is one of her least-known and most revealing performances. Crochet bikinis--is this Fetish?

The Mad Professor likes this image precisely because of its amateur quality--the bathtub with its brush and cleaning products, the water rushing onto the naked body, the erect nipple, the navel pierce, the look at the camera that is caught in the moment. Justine is not a fashion model, but she's naked, she's wet, and she's real. Justine is another Mickey's "Pink Wet and Ready Girls," and just looking at this one image we are prone to wonder about what happens next? Is Justine a wife, a girlfriend, a neighbor girl, or a first-timer who answered an ad? Does she have any fur between her legs? Will she be showing us all of her stuff? Find more in the Picticon.

After digressing on Aphrodesia and Anthropology the Mad Professor now squints at the remaining term (from the Taschin slogan): Art. The Mad Professor likes art and it is his desire to share it also with his surfers. The way to see art as sexy is to try to look into the head-space of the painting or graphic. SexFo does not get better than this Harem Baths painting by Jean-Leon Gerome from 1876. Like all best fantasy it builds a rich dimensional environment with an engagement. The proposition--naked models lounging about the harem, the interaction with the hookah-san--just entering this quasi-real world is aphrodesia, anthropological (one culture's depiction of another), and art (because it is magnificent in color and light and bodies and action and idea and more). See more at the Picticon.

Yesterday The Mad Professor quoted a slogan on a postcard that mentioned "Art, Anthropology and Aphrodesia," and mused on the last word. Today he muses on the middle term, Anthropology, as it applies to sexual literature. Charles Gatewood once told the Mad Professor he considers himself an anthropologist, and his detailed documentation of Fetish Girls is a great dig. Miss Conduct and Kumi's Bald Head Birthday Cake is one of hundreds of Gatewood Girl scenes, which like his fetish movies, help make The Picticon very different and very unique.

The Mad Professor likes language and and he relishes sharing daily encounters. Today it is a slogan on a Taschen postcard, "Publishers of Art, Anthropology and Aphrodesia." It is that last word that catches his attention, because The Mad Professor feels drawn that he is sharing something other than "porn." "Darleen" is abstracted from Bikini Science Upstate New York Hippy Period, where it is part of a story network. Aphrodesia is a state of the mind and the body, and a major theme of The Picticon.

Reality is an important component of bondage as it is for much of SexFo. Is Aly acting or is it real? Well, just study the picture. Look how the legs are threaded through the chair, how the ankles are cinched together. The wrists are tied together and pulled downward, the waist is pulled forward. The rope 'round the head hurts the sides of her mouth and is tied back and down to the rope cinching her ankles. She can't move and she knows her ass is inviting. Aly looks back at you with brown eyes; yup, this is the real deal. "Aly's in Trouble" is a way-stop along a long day in bondage, the kind of extended narrative sophisticated surfers find in the Picticon. The Mad Professor shares insights All About Sex.

Why does the Mad Professor pick this Japanese Betty for today's blog? A combination of good spirit, coyness, and a certain bursting with misbehavior. The subtle boob squeeze and the protective knee have momentum, although we are not sure if Suki is coming or going. Don't let the black and white get in your way; reach into the space. "Suki Japanese Betty" is from Kim Fielding's Private Parts in Public Places, and one of the Mad Professor's first writing assignments. Republished in the Picticon, this rich, complex product combines captivating photography, sexiness, and documentation of New York's Lower East Side, 1987-1993.

Meet Charlie. She's an aspirant biker chick from a while back. The Mad Professor likes her not that's she's so sleek nor so socialized. The tribal above the breasts intrigues him. It has a story to tell and is already at work. The open pants, pudge in the belly, and hands..., well hands and a look in the eye. He's crazy, he's wild, but the Mad Professor thinks he knows what is going to happen next here. The frozen moment of the narrative attracts him with its staying power. Video is good too, and so are some new girls, but Charlie here promises some mean "Bike Business." Out in the Picticon she goes up against some of Mickey's Naughty Girls and you will come to see her learn to go the distance.

What's so sexy about SOL Girl 3181 that makes her a standout time-warped through almost a century? Twenty years old, ready to party in Paris, hair permed, a necklace of pearls, and a robe dropped just low enough so that her pubic hair maybe shows, and a belly button worth kissing. That's what. The print is black and white, hand-tinted by an assembly line of workers, and in the event 3181 isn't sexy enough, each nipple gets dabbed. The Mad Professor is the creator of the Picticon, a cornucopia of all things sexual. The Mad Professor's rants hope to inspire you to see things in pictures you might have overlooked before, and to take things you appreciate and roll them under your fingertip. SOL 3181 is believed to be from the 1920s, Paris. More of her, front and back, are found at the "SOL Mark Naughty Postcards".