The Winnebago Man wouldn't be such a spaz if he had this beauty to distract him, that's for certain. Pictured here is Kristina from David Slaughter's Hose and Foot Girls, and she clearly belongs in that collection! Her amazingly well-proportioned body and striking attire makes the back of this RV seem like the back of a multi-millionaire's motor yacht. The warmth of the Vegas sunset does her justice, accentuating the warm colors of her skin, hair, and bodystocking. She really knows how to strike a feminine pose. Overall, it's a darling set, shot very well. Don't take my word for it, see Kristina Red Hose and See-through Outside for yourselves! Part of the David Slaughter collections at the Picticon. We have all his work.

If you are one of the great many Americans who are lucky enough to live in a boating coastal area, perhaps you have been doubly lucky to visit one of these. From our candid photo collections, take a look at this Party on the Dock and Boat. It wouldn't have made the cut to the Picticon unless it had daring metropolitan girls in it! This set depicts an afterparty at Internext 2005-2006 in Florida, and we've got a lot of coverage from these adult expos. Take a look.

Another treat from the fascinating Tanaka bondage collection is before you. Simple, yet remarkably evocative. They call these girls OLs in Japan, "office ladies"--they are the female equivalent of the "riman," short bastardization of "salaryman," a caste unto themselves. Japan is a strange, regimented society, mired in tradition yet adapted to modern ages. This one is a hallmark from the Tanaka Bondage and Cum collection. Dressed in a pinstripe business suit and hose evocative of the now-romantic 1990s, Yumeka Takami is brought to an austere concrete slab-walled chamber, gradually stripped, bound and spread, played with by a suited man. Is he her boss, or a yakuza? The boundary between them is blurred, is it not? Perhaps it doesn't even matter. We have the entire collection at the Picticon.

The Mad Professor always loves any girl who will pull her shirt up for him, like Kristal Cute Gyno Girl here, one of Mickey's Spread Dildo Girls. Mickey's girls don't stop at pulling their shirts off, they all get naked and most of them pleasure themselves with toys. There are four sections of Mickey's Girls, and so far there are almost 300 different scenes with over one hundred different gals. All young, fresh, midwestern types, not usually your stripper types but genuine girls-next-door who all have a smile and a willingness to please. Check 'em out in the Picticon!

Behold Page, who gives heat and playfulness to her dreary, slasher-flick wintry environment by visibly enjoying herself naked. This lovely creature is from L&M Amateur Vixens collection, and she certainly pays justice to that name. Page Richards Bedroom Finger Fuck shows how far this girl is willing to go. Writhing on and around the bed, she delivers. Page is part of Mickey's Amateur Gyno Gals, one of almost three hundred other sets. Is there more of Page? Of course there is. Join our Picticon.

If you liked Andie Land, you'll love Donna O'Leary. She's another find by Fantasmo in the multiple meanings of that term. This girl is no less wild, and loves what she is. This particular shoot has her being toyed with in a bathtub, cuffed at two points: her wrists, and one of her ankles. It would do well to describe this photo shoot as "abductor POV". Donna is clearly having fun, though. That's the kind of girl she is. See more of Fantasmo's work at The Picticon.

Presented before you is a character the likes of which you'd never see on mainstream alt-porn venues. Andie Robin is a one-hundred-percent awesome inked and pierced skank, knows it, and loves it. One need only take a quick look at Andie Land in the Picticon to glean this fact. She is right up there with another one of our darlings, Gia. In this image where she plays doctor, we can clearly see her uncommon surface piercings--chest and throat (!). We also can see her peculiar choice of tattoos, as well as the oh-so-curious tourniquet she's taken the liberty of tying around her arm. On a related note, take a look at our Medical category. In a way, Andie might remind some of those bizarre eye-opener bimbo characters from the underground comix of Robert Crumb. She's got the body and the personality to go with it--her tats and piercings are a bit advanced for the 1970s, however! This girl clearly enjoys herself, and that's exactly what we like to see.

This cool customer has come over to the studio looking for work and willingly pulls up her shirt to show off her tits. If you look carefully you can see the elastic marks from Donna's bra. Tits are the not only thing that Donna shows off during her Audition, but Flashing Tits is a major Picticon category. Donna O'Leary is one of Fantasmo's favorite models, and her multiple shoots are gathered together at Donna O'Leary Sex Slave, aptly titled because when she isn't having sex or exposing herself she is seriously tied up. Click on the image to make Donna bigger.

Every once in a while, you might come across erotica that resembles movie stills in its quality of lighting, talent, and exposition. Such is the erotica produced by Tanaka over a decade ago. These beautiful images strongly resemble the sights of East Asian drama shows and movies of the period--save for what's being depicted. In this gallery, two beautiful girls--Sayuri and Minami--pose together in light kinbaku. Everything about this set is warm and welcoming--the soft earthy appearance of the tatami and the fabrics, the rope, the girls themselves, their flowing hair. Japan has had hundreds of years in practice of nawa shibari; the calmness and dignity of that old art is well understood by its modern artists. Let some delicious nostalgia sink in, reader, from the Tanaka lesbian bondage section of The Picticon. Perhaps you've seen small fragments of these collections before, out there in the dark corners of the Internet. Perhaps you barely remember them. We have them all, however.

Once, there was an age where erotic films had storylines not as an exception, but as a rule. This hearkens back to the proliferation of exploitation films in the 60s and 70s. After all, it was a different age, with different cultural programming. Behold a 1982 example called House of Sin, starring such talent as the amputee "Long" Jeanne Silver and Robert Kerman, part of the cast of cult classics like Cannibal Holocaust and Debbie Does Dallas. Naturally, our content library contains several production stills. The plot of the movie is almost idyllic in its strangeness. A lady experiences car trouble; a man comes by to help her, and wouldn't you know it, he's the son of Satan, looking for unsuspecting vulnerables to spirit away to his house - the film's namesake - to do his sexual bidding for whatever nefarious Satanic purposes. Won't you take a look at the other sets of rare vintage cinema stills we have available? We possess content which you may not find anywhere else on the Internet over at the Picticon.