You have to remember that the Mad Professor is a hunter. A collector of art and ideas. And today? Altporn. Alt-porn. Alt porn. How does one spell it? The fusion of the body art movement and pornos, the sensual and the sexual. Joanna Angel of Burning Angel represents the genre both at its superior instinct for aesthetic presentation and hardcore. Wikipedia credits her as an American entrepreneur, altporn model, hardcore pornographic actress, director, writer, and former stripper and exotic dancer. The Mad Professor doesn't want to step too far into a debate such as this, quoted from Wikipedia, "Many members of the alt porn community disagree on the definition of alt porn. Some consider it mostly an aesthetic quality while others see it as having a more ideological definition. This includes controversies over whether alt porn sites and videos should restrict themselves to softcore pin-up photography or include more sexually explicit hardcore content, whether alt porn need be explicitly feminist or not, and whether alt porn venues should present models of all genders and a range of body types rather than just conventionally attractive young women." Certainly the Mad Professor is interested in all of this, and one will find in the Picticon, hopefully, content both narrow and mixed. This image is taken at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2007, courtesy drivenbyboredom, flickr.com and used by permission of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 2.0 Generic License.

It's not every day that you get to drive by topless bikini girls roller skating down the highway. But public nudity is just one of many Picticon categories, and the Mad Professor relishes any babe who can outdistance the competition. Minsa Rollerblades Nude is just one of hundreds of scenes of women and men who get naked in public.

Messy girls, like Miky here, come in a variety of sizes and shapes and Picticon has over 200 different guys and gals and over 10,000 different shots. Some, like the Ace Messy Girls are busty Russians who get slathered in "the secret formula". Others have to settle for food, oil, the really sticky stuff. Splosh, mud wrestling, and punishing grease/sand/dirt combinations are all part of another Picticon fetish.

The Mad Professor relishes bringing new sexual ideas and today's fetish is messy. Hardly need to explain this one, just look at the picture of Miky. Messy is one of the Picticon themes; it's related to food and other body fluids, but it is definitely its own fetish. What is the appeal of the messy girl? Something tactile, for sure, the sense of the skin, of touch, contact, wallowing. The messy girl might also be submissive, the sorority pledge, the mud feaster, the pie-in-the-face, the slippery couple trying to hang on while having sex. Messy can add color, texture, and vibe. And there are hundreds of sets in the Picticon.

Take a look at Aria Giovanni in the Picticon--she's got two scenes in the David Slaughter Glamour section, both shot at the beginning of her career when she is just 22 years old. In this scene the future porn star takes off her hose and lays her lips in the open, and in the other, she rips open her pantyhose so she can toy her twat with a vibrating penis dildo. Visit the Picticon for treasures old and new. Join the Picticon or contact Edge Interactive Publishing for hundreds of David Slaughter Teen Virgins, Bondage Babes, and Fucking Machine gals. And with more to come!

Say hello to Austin, one of Dave Slaughter's elite cadre of Sybian Gals. Austin is 20, hails from California, and has a long barbell piercing in her clithood. That just makes the vibration more intense. There is something compelling about watching a gal strip down and climb aboard a Sybian, because you never know what might happen. Some of them go right over the top, some start laughing, and some are ejected as if subject to an electrical shock. There are a lot of Sybians and Fucking Machines in the Picticon. And more of Austin too, if you care to search her out (she's worth it).

"New Dubya" is tech talk with the Mad Professor about structures that the Picticon contains. Picticon is about cross-referencing information--in the Picticon case data about sexuality and sexual practices. Our mission is information sharing, entertainment, arousal. The Mad Professor presents a new category: sex machines...and the gals who ride them. Actually the Mad Professor's exodus into sex machines is prompted by material at hand, in this case a small collection by Paradise Webmaster via the Slaughter. More coming here, also by other lensers. As for this gal, getting ready to ride, note the bikini superb , the nipple rings, button art, and the tan lines.

The Mad Professor invites you to visit the Picticon New January 2010 page. His Madness is prone to falling in love with sluts old and new, and this month he trolled through a vast holding of Max Candy material and expanded the ring to four dubyas. The single image here of Kitty is one of several voyeur sets that capture her in the bed and bathroom. What we like about Max Candy is his sassy nature. These and other Voyeur Views capture girlfriends and models in their most vulnerable state--changing clothes, taking a bath or shower, or playing with themselves in the privacy of their apartments. Except that no girl is safe when Max is around.

The Mad Professor is playing catchup but if you get tired of the Blog just go to the Picticon. You can find a whole bunch of our Free Hosted Galleries in the Webmasters Resources Section. Each of them will provide a few pictures and links into different parts of the Picticon. Most of these galleries are strategic entry gates. Webmasters you are welcome to use these and to deploy Affiliate Codes onto them; you can sign up on the Webmaster Referral Signup Page. Please note you will be required to embed your code into the redirect (whereas this blog let you just pass it).

Cherri is the blonde, Marley the brunette, and both these gals are on day leave from Palomino Club in Atlanta, out for a day that gets increasingly frisky and fetish. The Mad Professor trails along. Mike Hammer might start with Polaroids in the strip club, but by the time he's done he driven to a lake, dressed Cherri Poppin' and Marley Murphy in fetishwear, and put them to work. You'll have to visit the Picticon to see how this ends up--or have been there before the cops chased them out.